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How to workout back muscles, aerobics workout video - Try Out

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With an intense and effective back workout, you can build one of the most impressive physical features found in any gym. Aside from this super bulk look, the back is one of 2 or 3 muscle groups that when built correctly with a superior back workout, it will make you stand out from the crowd.  This goes for men and women alike. A great look for a man is the V-shaped back without bulges of muscle everywhere.  And women may not need the V to achieve an impressive back, but a nice toned back looks great on a woman as well. There are two main muscles in your back that will be worked in your back workout – the trapezius muscle and the latissimus dorsi. Before you lift, do some light cardio (jog in place, jumping jacks) and dynamic stretching to warm and loosen your muscles.
Wide grip pull-ups also increase the width of the back, and are a great back workout.  This is what creates the tapered V which is a great look, with or without a shirt. Deadlifts are a great back workout, but will also work your whole body.  It will bulk you up quickly, so be cautious of the overbuilt look.
First, make sure you stretch your lower back daily – this makes all the difference.  See this page for lower back stretching routines.

Before you exercise the back, make sure your back is loose and your muscles warmed up.  This is best done with some light cardio for a few minutes and also some dynamic stretching. One of the most impressive features of a bodybuilder's physique is the fully developed back - full, thick, lat muscles with a wide sweep. The width of the lat muscle is developed with any type of pulldown movement such as chinups and lat pull downs. Development of the lower lat muscle requires exercises that use a narrow grip, such as close grip chin up, close grip pulldown, or one arm dumbbell row.
The Latissimus Dorsi is probably the most notable muscle in the back, as this is the muscle that gives you that nice v-taper. Basic function of the latissimus dorsi is to pull the shoulders downward, and toward the back. However, the term 'back muscle' encompasses more than just the lats to also include other muscles in the back such as the Rhomboid, Teres Major, Erector Spinae, and the Trapezius. Various factors such as the width of your grip, your angle of pulldown, or pulling down to the front or rear, will affect how your lats muscle is worked.

The lat muscle is a large triangular muscle that extends from under the shoulders down to the small of the back on both sides. Together, these three muscles form the Erector Spinae muscle, and they work to extend and side bend the spine. Each of these different muscles in the back perform different functions, and are all required for a full and complete back muscle development. It covers the lumbar region and inserts into the humerus, and curves around the lower border of the Teres Major muscle. The following sections will explain the back muscles in more detail with a diagram included below.

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