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Power output and maximal force did not differ significantly between all the tested versions of the power clean.
We also know from previous research that the greatest power output in the power clean is achieved at loads of 70-80% of maximum. So if your athlete is just using power cleans to improve performance in her sport, then focus on power cleans from the hang and high-hang, with loads of 70-80%. It must be said that what you are about to read is meant to be an in-depth tutorial of the power clean. These days, you would count yourself lucky to find a football coach (or any other sports coach, for that matter) who has the slightest idea of how to perform a power clean, and even at the professional level not many coaches know what they are doing. My way of approaching the teaching of the power clean is by dividing the lift in 4 stages, detailing each of the stages and connecting them so as to ingrain the fluid motion that the power clean requires from the first stage to the last. Be aware that you will catch the barbell at different heights as you load the barbell with more weight.
Fortunately, amidst all the rubbish that abounds on Youtube, there are still videos on our beloved YT that will be of use to you, especially with regards to illustrating how fast and fluid the power clean should be.
Lastly, the power clean is a great adjunct to any training program, regardless of the sport.
A good cue that I use whenever someone asks me to teach them the power clean is to think of throwing the barbell as high up as you can towards the roof once it has past the knees. My advice is to not only pay close attention to the first pull on the videos in this tutorial but to also check the rest of power clean videos on my Youtube channel and to also check the videos of professional Olympic weightlifters doing the Clean and Jerk. With regards to your comment, this is a power clean tutorial, it is a tutorial for a lift which stems from Olympic weightlifting, an actual sport that has been in constant remodelling and improvement for almost 100 years. I can only go so long to help other people interested in the power clean so, in order to help them continue getting the best advice, I point them to those who know how to do the lift: real coaches with real athletes and real accomplishments. The Clean starts from the ground and ends at the front rack with the hip position below the knee. The Power Clean forces you to explode even more by having you end at the front rack position with the hip position above the knee. Researchers measured peak force and power output during the power clean, hang power clean, and the high-hang power clean. While not statistically different, the high-hang and hang power clean did produce higher peak force compared to the full power clean. If your athlete is training the clean for its own sake, such as a weightlifter or competitive CrossFitter might, then carve out more time for coaching and start adding more variations. A gym lift involving the pulling of a loaded barbell from the floor up to one’s shoulders, the power clean is a spin-off lift from the Olympic lifts and requires less technique and practising in order to reap its benefits of increased strength and power.
It will give you the guidelines to performing the lift correctly, so I recommend you to bookmark this page as it will be very useful for you as a future reference, and you will be reading it a few times as you practice the lift more and more.
Bill Starr, himself a former Olympic weightlifter turned football coach, would have his team players perform the power clean (plus squats) to achieve enormous power and strength applicable to the playing field. The issue with the power clean is that it needs to be taught by someone who knows the lift and its dynamics, preferably an Olympic weightlifter, because it is easy to pick up faulty technique without proper supervision.
Please note that despite the fact that I will teach you the lift in 4 separate stages, the power clean is a FLUID and NON-STOPPING movement in which the rested barbell is lifted from the floor up into your shoulders, all done in less than a second. Notice how you threw the bag into the air; you very likely used the spring effect of your hips to transfer as much force into the bag as possible so it could fly up the highest.

Since the power clean is not a frequently executed element in Olympic weightlifting training, it is very hard to find an actual Olympic weightlifter performing a power clean. Always remember that just because I have divided the lift in 4 stages, that doesn’t mean that the power clean is not a fluid and fast lift. I have taught the power clean to a diverse range of athletes: from powerlifting to bodybuilding to soccer and even swimming. However, it’s important to first reach the triple extension via the pushing forward of the hips. I was just wondering since i’m struggling with the power clean and a couple of other exercises if you could do tutorial about tips to help us with the power cleans, deadlift, and also tutorial about the deadlift and the back squat and some tips. Thanks for making a very in-depth tutorial of how to power clean, as well as noting the subtle difference between the power clean and the olympic clean.
There are two types though, a Powerlifting competition bar and an olympic weightlifting competition bar. Yes, it takes effort to be cleaning big weights, but I guarantee you anyone can do it provided they put in the guts and sweat. Watch how all of these professionals pull the barbell off the floor, some do it slowly it while others do it a bit faster, but they all do pull the barbell under control and with a gradual acceleration.
Oh, and Dave Morgan is a man in his 40s, used about 25lbs more for the Cleans and the deadlift, and the man looks like he is doing a warm up. Glenn Plenday puts out some decent oly lifting stuff and I believe he has a Clean tutorial somewhere.
The idea behind the clean is to move the weight from the ground to the front rack position. With less distance to accelerate the bar, more force must be applied to clean successfully from the hang position. If the clean is just a tool for sport-specific training, then loads within this range should comprise the majority of the athlete's clean work. No Kinetic Differences During Variations of the Power Clean in Inexperienced Female Collegiate Athletes. Lastly, once you are done reading this tutorial, make sure to also read my article on the basics of Olympic weightlifting to further understand where the power clean comes from. From there onwards, the lift took off and every football coach, and their uncle, were having everyone doing the power clean, a training philosophy which still persists to this day since the power clean is that good an exercise to develop great athletic skills applicable to many sports. Without someone constantly providing feedback on the execution of the lift, the best way to learn the power clean is by reading and watching as much as possible since the lift requires more technique and coordination than other strength lifts such as the squat or the deadlift. You will be transferring all your power to the barbell so as to be able to accelerate the barbell and have it going against gravity; do bear this in mind when thinking of the transitions between stages.
Moreover, your arms should have their elbow tips flared out (pointing to the sides) and your arms should be loose yet strongly gripping the barbell. The goal is to use the strength and power of your glutes, hamstrings, pelvic girdle and back to explode the barbell up in the air. All your points of flexion (ankles, knees and hips) are straightened thus the barbell has had all the power you could possibly transfer to it so as to now travel up in the air to its final destination: your shoulders. This is where the magic occurs, as being fast and reactive is a key element of the power clean and the Olympic lifts (hence why Olympic weightlifters are considered the best specimens of athleticism). There are many more good coaches in the US but learning from these guys will help you a lot, whether it is on the power clean, Olympic weightlifting or general strength training.

When in doubt whether you are doing good or bad, always refer back to the videos below as they depict correctly executed power cleans. All my athletes found a noticeable improvement in performance both on the field and off the field, especially once they graduated to 1.25x body weight power cleans and more.
And you should be catching the barbell like you mean it and not like the 99.9% of videos out there of people doing half-baked power cleans and catching them like their bodies are made of jelly (Crossfit is known for doing this as well as the useless donkey kicks, so beware of whose videos you watch). If you’re maxing out on deadlifts on deads day, then yes, it will impair your ability to clean (mostly, the power you put on the barbell).
If so, then yes, using such soft shoes will impair (a bit) your ability to hoist the heaviest weight possible in anything to do with the clean exercise.
Thus, ensure that you are set up optimally for the first pull and that you maintain the back angle for this first portion of the power clean.
Oh, and he does his deadlifts Olympic style (which means you can handle less weight) and he used absolute beautiful form in his cleans and deadlifts.
The power clean begins from the floor, the hang power clean begins from just above the knees, and the high-hang power clean begins even higher up the thighs, close to the hips. If so, then power cleans from the hang or high-hang may be the most efficient use of their time. In any case, the power clean is a lift that is practised by many sportsmen and gym-goers as it develops great power, strength and muscle mass.
Moreover, start with light weights and only add more when the barbell is lifted in a fluid motion and you feel confident in your capabilities. You are more than likely breaking the back angle during the first pull, which is a big NO as not only will you hit your knees but you will not maximize the powerful hip thrust that occurs during the second pull. These versions are easier to teach, less prone to technical error, and reinforce the powerful hip extension that makes the clean such a great exercise.
I will use myself in most pictures to illustrate each stage in the power clean so expect no beautiful and graceful captions. Don’t take no prisoners, now is the time to show how much power you have, so drive your hips forward and force the barbell to fly up.
The second pull of the clean, which begins above the knees, is where this powerful hip extension creates the greatest force seen during the entire movement. By default, you will be going up on your toes as the power you have transferred to the barbell makes you go up with the very same barbell. In fact, you could easily throw in a couple of hang clean sets prior to doing deadlifts on your deadlift day to not only warm up your body but also practice some more technique of the hang clean (the clean and any of its variants is much more technical than the deadlift).
So by focusing on this small but powerful part of the movement, your athlete will be getting the best bang for her buck.
However, do NOT stress rising on your toes as this is a simple consequence of pulling up and explosively, you will do it naturally. However, if your athlete wishes to build ultimate proficiency in the clean, then she will require instruction and practice on the clean from all positions.

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