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After trying many different variations of nutrient ratios with my clients and experimenting with many myself I have come to the conclusion that if you want to know how to lose body fat fast then a high protein with low to moderate carbohydrate intake will work effectively for most people.
The problem is that to lose a lot of body fat and get lean you need to maintain this type of diet for a prolonged period which most people struggle to stick with plus it can have adverse effects on your metabolic rate (ie slow it down) and decrease energy levels. This is a pure bodybuilding program that is designed to help you build muscle quickly while losing body fat and to help accomplish this task which is let me tell you very difficult an integral part of its nutrition program was doing a carb cycling strategy. Now for my training I was using carb cycling while still trying to build muscle whereas most of the time this technique is used to help make you lose body faster or break through a fat loss plateau. Doing this process allows you to get all the fat loss benefits of low carbohydrate dieting without the low carbohydrate side effects. Having the ability to enjoy your carbs again makes sticking with your diet much easier to accomplish and keeps you focused and consistent which major factor if you want to lose body fat fast and transform your physique.
Another factor that makes this such a great fat burning technique is that Carbohydrate cycling can also make your body much more efficient in dealing with carbohydrates as an energy source.
P.S… How you can finally commit and get the body you have always wanted in as little as 90 days==> Programs Here! Have fun with it and remember that you WILL lose the weight and have a body everyone envy’s! The most obvious areas where back fat is the most noticeable is the upper back area and the lower back area just above the waist line.
The truth about how to lose back fat, and arm fat, and leg fat, and belly fat, and butt fat, and so on, is that you need to put your body in a position to lose fat… period.
The secret to fat loss is not really a secret at all -but it is a secret because most people don’t do it.
There are some excellent weight loss programs that have been tested and reviewed by us that are a good fit for a lot of people because they are designed to work quickly and will reduce the learning curve and trial and error that most people deal with when trying to lose weight.
Outside of these situation, you can’t lose fat and gain muscle at the same time at a rapid rate. We’ll also explain why body recomposition is so difficult to achieve and why in certain situations it is easier.
I call Body Recomposition any situation where a person’s body fat percentage decreases and muscle mass increases no matter what happens to their weight.
In this case a larger amount of body fat is lost compared to the amount of muscle that is gained. In this case a larger amount of muscle mass is gained compared to the amount of fat that is lost.
On the other hand, muscle growth is maximized only when the body receives a slight caloric surplus. The most common scenario for body recomposition is Losing Weight and Gaining Muscle at the same time. Fat is basically stored energy so even in the case of a caloric deficit, a high body fat percentage ensures pretty good energy availability.That means the energy obtained from body fat may actually support muscle growth in the first few weeks or months of training.
This is the reason beginners (especially those above 13% body fat) can gain muscle and strength just fine even in a caloric deficit. Now, as you get leaner or you build more muscle, the rate of fat loss and muscle gain starts to decrease.
B. You maintain your weight but you replace an equal amount of body fat with muscle mass over a long period of time. At the intermediate and advanced level the most common body recomposition scenario is that where you maintain your weight but lose fat and build muscle at the same time over a long period of time.
The reason for that is because the rate of muscle growth is much slower than the rate of fat loss.
A lot of guys tell me they want to go from looking like the first picture, to looking like the second picture without getting small or fat. On the other hand if they just took 8 weeks to drop the body fat first and then focus on building muscle by going into a surplus, the whole process might only take 1 to 1.5 years.
And finally, the scenario of body recomposition that almost never happens is gaining weight and losing fat at the same time.
At any rate, gaining weight while losing fat depends very much on what you’ve been doing in the past.
Ok, now that we covered the theoretical part, let’s see how to achieve body recomposition while maintaining your weight.

So if you are beginner above 13% body fat, gaining muscle while cutting happens almost automatically.
This protocol is very useful however for models, actors, or physique competitors who must look good year round but still want to make small improvements in their physique.
By eating maintenance calories and getting stronger in the gym, you can build muscle and lose fat simultaneously over long periods of time. So it makes sense to get our surplus of calories from the nutrient that will best support training performance and prevent fat gain. Fasted cardio doesn’t burn more fat but it can increase the mobilization of free fatty acids from stubborn body fat.
However, when the person reaches a very low body fat percentage (under 7%) the body has only stubborn body fat left and mobilising fatty acids and transporting them through the bloodstream becomes much harder to achieve.
During fasting, the fat cells release more fatty acids and cardio can help increase blood flow to stubborn body fat areas transporting them to a place where they can be burned. That’s why fasted cardio can lead to better fat loss in certain situations.
Yah, There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there for it for sure, and anecdotal evidence is definitely not a bad thing! If you keep the calories the same on all days and get stronger, you will build muscle and lose fat simultaneously (at a slow rate).
Now over the last few years I have been trying other diet strategies to lose body fat fast such as intermittent fasting but recently returned to this technique to help me lose fat while building muscle as part of a test group for a new muscle building program called MI40. In fact carb cycling has been used for years by fitness models and bodybuilders to get super lean for their contests. Many people who follow a permanently low carb diet will argue that by keeping carb levels low it forces the body to use fat more efficiently for energy and for the most part this is true.
This is why I am not only following a carb cycling and carb timing (another nutrition strategy for fat loss I will discuss in a future post) for losing body fat. This is the fat that bulges around the bra and can be very noticeable when wearing any type of tight-fitting top. Both the bra bulge and muffin top are among the most targeted fat-loss areas of the female body. In other words, they are thinking that the fat is part of the back muscle and therefore, to lose the back fat, they must workout the back muscles. These are the healthiest foods in the world and are exceptional for anyone trying to lose weight. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling… anything that speeds up the heart-rate and causes you to perspire is burning fat.
Through a combination of diet and exercise, your body will start burning body fat, including back fat. And although they don’t realize it, what they actually want is to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
BUT the rate at which you can do it depends very much on your training experience and the body fat percentage you start with. How to lose a lot of fat and gain a good amount of muscle if you fit one of the first 3 categories. How to lose body fat and gain lean mass at the same time over a long period of time if you’re an intermediate or advanced lifter. Because of the insulin resistance that develops with fat gain, nutrients from food are actually pushed away from cells in order to prevent further fat gain. At some point the body will start to fight against fat loss and muscle growth slows down as you get closer and closer to the genetic ceiling. An intermediate might gain two pounds (1 kg) of muscle and lose two pounds of fat over a period of 3-5 months while maintaining his weight. For example 12 lbs (~5kg) of fat can be dropped in 7-8 weeks but building 12 pounds of muscle might take a year or more at the intermediate level. Well, that would mean dropping about 12 lbs of fat and gaining 12 lbs of muscle without changing your weight.
Muscle memory is real so these people will see rapid muscle growth with no body fat gain or sometimes loss of body fat when they resume lifting.
Body recomposition is slow after the beginner stage so it’s important for you to know that. If you eat at maintenance, train hard, and get progressively stronger you will build muscle and lose fat over of time while maintaining your weight.

On training days we eat a surplus of calories to support muscle growth and repair and on rest days we eat a deficit of calories to allow for some fat loss. As well going too high in calories on training days will inevitably lead to fat spill over.
Protein is kept the same every day at 1g per pound of BW (2.2g per kg) and fats at 25% of maintenance calories.
Conversely fat oxidation is improved when glycogen stores are depleted (which might happen on rest days). On the other hand, in the fasting period of the day fat burning should be improved, especially on rest days. However, the improvements (if there are any) will still be very small compared to a normal eating plan. They have a high enough body fat percentage to have plenty of FAAs in the blood at any time. The amount of fuel it burns depends only on how much energy the engine needs, not on fuel availability. The risk of muscle loss is increased in this situation because the body will burn muscle tissue if free fatty acids aren’t around. If you have a lot of fat to lose or you must gain a lot of muscle, I recommend using distinct cutting or lean bulking phases instead. As I stated before I discovered this technique from Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and the basic premise laid out in this program was to simply drop into a calorie deficit by reducing carbohydrate levels for a brief period of up to three days, and then raise your calories back up to maintenance level for one to three days. However this is only going to work if you plan to stay on a low carb diet for the long term because should you want to restart eating carbs regularly you may find your body cannot cope with them properly and the body fat could come back on pretty quickly. Here are a few quick tips on how to change your diet in order to lose fat… including losing back fat. Broccoli, spinach, celery, Bok Choy, Asparagus… all of these and more are not only life-extending foods but perfect foods for those trying to shed fat. Even some intermediates can gain muscle and strength while cutting if they start from a higher body fat percentage.
If you combine that with regular exercise which improves insulin sensitivity in muscle cells you get a situation where nutrients are pushed away from fat cells which are very insulin resistant and are absorbed by muscle cells which are depleted after training. Read the article Weight Training while Cutting and Best Training Split for Muscle and Strength Gains to learn how you need to train. By doing this, our body composition should improve every day by a few grams; less fat and more muscle mass. So instead of building a little muscle on training days and losing a little fat on rest day you will be gaining muscle and fat on training days and losing muscle and fat on rest days. Before a surplus of carbs will be stored as body fat, they will first be used to replenish muscle and liver glycogen and even after that the conversion of carbs into body fat (lipogenesis) is an inefficient and costly process. Martin Berkhan’s Leangains also helped a lot of people recomp using calorie cycling and IF. To avoid this and help reset your body so it continues to burn body fat continually then you have to throw in a high carb day.
If you struggling to lose fat consistently or are experiencing a plateau in your fat loss results then give this method a try.
On the other hand, a surplus of dietary fat is stored very easily because fats have nothing else to do in a surplus.
The fatty acids that don’t get burned will get stored back into the fat cells so at the end of the day it makes no difference.
This does not mean however, that building up the muscle in these trouble areas is not a good idea. They make no money by telling you that fat is lost through a combination of diet and exercise. But understanding that fat is an attribute of the body as a whole, is absolutely essential in understanding how to lose back fat.

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