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How to increase grip strength in hand, muscle and body fat - Try Out

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Probably the one area that  directly increases your performance in a variety of functional fitness areas is grip strength. If you are enjoying the process and want to really work your grip you then may move on to one handed hangs for a 200 count. Now, as a disabled vet [cervical spine injury] I still do forearm exercises to compensate for numb fingers and weak grip strength. I am a Junior in High School and i have been doing this at home and i have been seeing results in my grip. Spec OpsLearn about America's Special Operations units and find out how to become one of the world's most elite soldiers.
With this exercise you will be using the muscles that close the hand and the ones that open the hand.
Once you perform a set for the entire minute, move to your other hand and push yourself on that hand. I would suggest doing three or four sets with each hand, pushing yourself to complete the entire minute without slowing down.

Grip strength has been addressed previously on Breaking Muscle, and I hope you have gleaned something positive from those discussions. The muscles that control the fingers and thumb lie in the forearm and hand, so any forearm or grip exercise helps to strengthen them.
Individual finger and thumb pinch gripping - weight plate pinching between the thumb and each finger.
Fingertip pulldowns and upright rows - high pulley pulldowns and low pulley or dumbbell upright rows with a finger tip grip.
Paul shared with me this simple yet amazingly effective approach to grip strength he was taught in prison.
It\‘s amazing to me just how quick one can progress on a simple routine, with hardly any equipment…in fact maybe training is BETTER with less equipment. You will quickly find that when you use these two muscle groups back to back without rest, you will tire more quickly and you will get quite a blood pump in your forearm and hand. This time we'll take closer look at this topic with particular attention to your hand digits (fingers and thumb) and their intrinsic muscles.

Instead of me telling you about the variety of ineffective methods for increasing grip strength I’m going to propose a very simple, straight forward program guaranteed to dramatically increase your grip strength with little chance of injury to your hand muscles or joints. But lets get back to reality because before I see you hanging one handed with 2 fingers whilst holding a 90lbs dumbbell lets see how many of you can “hang” with both hands for 200! Repeat it for 2 sets, increase the time for erach set by 20 secs and observe the end result.
Push yourself to increase your pace as you open and close your hand forcefully against the resistance of the water. However, there are some exercises that place more stress on the fingers and thumb that you can incorporate into your grip-strengthening program. This movement will really work your muscles and create explosive power in your hands; at the same time, it will improve your hand health by increasing circulation and developing balance in your entire hand.

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