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How to get visible abs, treadmill workout plan for beginners - How to DIY

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A common myth that many people still believe in is that you get a toned stomach by doing crunches daily or workout your abs after every workout in the gym.
One thing you also should keep in mind is that in order to get the visible abs or a flatter stomach usually requires an adjustment in the diet as well.
In the end will it however be the diet and your daily intake that determines whether you get visible abs or not. Get on my VIP email newsletter and get free copy of my "No-Nonsense Fitness Guide: A 4-Step Guide To Shredding Fat and Building Muscle In the Next 30 Days".

My name is Slyvon Blanco and I help people from all over the world in simplifying their fitness so they can get in the best shape of their lives while eating all their favorite foods and minimizing gym time.
I get these questions asked in many different forms like the ones above, but I always give people the same answer: LOWER YOUR BODY FAT PERCENTAGE. But when it comes to trying to make them visible first, there’s no need to do isolation exercises for the muscle group.
You can get abs without doing a single ab exercise because it’s all in your calorie intake.

And guys, once you get yourself in the single digits that’s when you get the washboard look.

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