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How to do front squats without hurting shoulders, fastest way to lose fat and gain muscle - Plans Download

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One way to develop front rack flexibility is to practice it; have a friend help drive your elbows up for assistance. As previously stated, the front squat should be performed with the clean grip front rack position as opposed to the crossed-arm front rack position. Your shoulders must be flexible enough to rack the bar across your front deltoids so that your triceps are parallel to the floor.
Whether or not you possess this flexibility largely affects the entire front squat movement from improper thoracic rounding to hyper protruding knees.

Straight from MobilityWOD, Kelly Starrett puts forth a comprehensive guide to improving positioning in order to reduce pain so that the front squat can be optimized. Aside from the stability issue, the crossed-arm position also changes the dynamic of the front squat. The form often shown of a bodybuilder crossing his arms to hold a bar while he does front squats is not acceptable. Now we have to deal with the pains associated with the front squat that may prevent us from doing them well (or at all).

However, just as the front squat should be a regular component of your program, so too should mobility work. Without stretching and myofascial release, you will not go far with the front squat – or with building strength in general.

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