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How to build big shoulders and chest, should i take creatine with food - Try Out

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Matus Valent is a veteran fitness model with appearances in over 80 different magazines and 10 covers. Various presses form the foundation of Valent’s chest routine, but he always starts with the all-time most popular version- the flat barbell bench press.
Along with barbell and machine presses, Matus includes dips as a highly effective compound movement to assist his chest exercises. After performing as many reps to failure as possible, usually about 15-20, he drops plates and does another 10 reps with bodyweight.

Strict form pays dividends, so avoid swinging the legs and make the movement slow and controlled. Apply his training principles to your own chest, shoulders, and abs for a killer V-taper that will look impressive with your shirt on- and even better shirtless.
He’ll do a total of 8 sets, pyramiding up in weight and down in reps for 5 sets, then reversing the order for a final 3 sets. At his first chest workout of the week, he sets the cable pulleys high and performs crossovers the standard way.

After a few more sets on a pec deck, his next pressing exercise for chest is the seated Hammer Strength machine press. At the second session, Valent drops the pulleys to their lowest position and does a movement that more closely resembles the act of scooping up from the hips to a point in front of his upper pecs.

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