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One of the major problems with this formula is that it has no way of discriminating between fat and muscle. To put that in context, that's like weighing yourself on a scale when you weigh 200 lbs and the scale tells you that you weigh 275 lbs keep in mind; this is the most accurate form of testing. Assuming you have the world's leading expert on body fat testing with calipers, the best you can hope for is a margin of error of 4%. We're afraid to eat it, confused about how much we need, and especially don't want to be it. Muscle tissue, which weighs more than the same volume of fatty tissue thanks to its higher density (i.e. So while a world-class athlete may have very little body fat, there's a good chance he or she may be classified as "overweight" by BMI standards, thanks to years of training to build muscle mass. Hydrostatic weighing, calipers (aka pinch test), bioelectrical Impedance, and of course those fancy handheld contraptions that you enter your height, weight and age, grip the handles, and it spits out a number. This way, you can get a fairly decent idea of your progress and changes in your body fat percentage.

And you don't necessarily need expensive tests or fancy equipment to find out.Click here for a rundown of the best (and worst) ways to measure your body-fat percentage.
To find out your actual body fat at any given point, however, measurements can give you a vague idea and that's about it.
He currently lives and works in Tampa, Florida as a Sales Executive for Allmax Nutrition and is also a trainer and nutrition coach for bodybuilding, figure, bikini competitors and other athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
In fact, a meta-analysis of existing research showed that women with larger hips and thighs have smarter babies, thanks to the type of fat stored there!The trick, as with many fitness endeavors, is finding the sweet spot between too much and too little body fat. Every person needs some body fat in order to maintain hormonal functions and to allow the body to work effectively. Body mass index is a measurement that can be used as a comparison of individuals of different heights in terms of their weight. In order to get your body fat tested, you may have to go to a gym or arrange an appointment to get it tested. This is done by submerging a person in water and calculating the body fat based on the displaced water.

The person is put into a sealed chamber and air flow determines body fat and lean body mass. Several areas of the body are measured with the caliper which produce an estimated amount of body fat. This isn’t the most accurate reading, however it can be useful if you consistently test using the same method. These have proven to be the most inaccurate type of body fat testing.The key to get an accurate reading is consistency.
You can use any of the methods above as long as you’re consistent on how you test it and what method you use. My school has a bod pod and sometimes they offer free testing, so I need to look into it and take them up on it!Reply Erin says February 23, 2012 at 3:33 pm Oh man!

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