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The total carbohydrates present in a medium size bowl of noodles is about 40.26 grams which amounts to 13% of what is needed for the human body to work properly. Noodles are of various types and normally they are made of wheat and rice but there is different kinds of noodles which are also there and they are the egg noodles. As the name implies, egg noodles have eggs in the ingredients, along with durum or semolina flour, which is common in regular pasta. However, when consumed in high amounts, cholesterol has the same negative effects as saturated and trans fat. Egg noodles care very tasty and since egg is a very healthy product they are more healthy and nutritious then there wheat counterparts.

The egg noodles have lot of nutrition, though they are a processed form of egg but still they have some of their nutritious content intact in them.
In this case, Calories from Fat = 30, Calories from Protein = 29, and Calories from Carbohydrate = 161.
Egg noodles are made of raw egg and they are brought up into their usual self by processing the egg.
This proves that though they are a form of noodles but since they are made of eggs they do not have the Trans fat that normal noodles have. Another perk of egg noddles is that they contain zero grams of trans fat, which has the same effect on the body as saturated fat.

Women 19 and older should get 46 grams of protein a day and men in this same age group should get at least 56 grams.

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