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How many grams of protein in chicken breast 100g, diets that burn fat not muscle - For Begninners

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Just having breakfast over here right now and then off to the gym for a morning sweat sesh! The menu plan was pretty much identical to how I was eating already, so I didn’t need to change my current diet at all.
The one portion size that I did follow; however, were the portion sizes for the protein sources. The only portion of my new meal plan that concerned me when I first looked at it was the protein portions Tara suggested. So, as you can see for 100 g of raw skinless boneless chicken breast there is 23 grams of protein. After concluding my little experiment, I can now see that I was eating far too much protein while on the LiveFit program without even knowing it! It’s so weird how I was willing to trust generic info, but when it came to someone experienced and educated making recommendations for ME, I doubted it!
Now I want to figure out some higher protein snacks…I pretty much suck at those hehe.
Since protein needs an acidic environment to digest, too much protein can make us acidic, and I always try to keep my bod pod in homeostasis.
It’s great to know that you incorporate protein within your snacks, too That makes me happy xo good job girl! Get access to my free guide How To Fall In Love With Yourself & receive weekly nourishment straight to your inbox!

For example, if you wanted to have Greek yogurt for breakfast you could, but you would want to try to consume as many grams of protein as you would be if you were to have the egg whites. Of course, protein is essential for muscle growth, but as I followed this program I felt as though I ate a lot of protein.
As I have said in the past, Tara was already very happy with the way I was eating; however, she did feel that I was consuming too much protein, and not enough healthy fats or carbohydrates. I’m doing almost 40% breakdown to protein, but I go through egg whites and fish like no tomorrow! I have always cooked my proteins then weighed them out but wondered if I was overdoing it because the nutrition info on chicken packages was for precooked chicken. When I looked at that program at first, I definitely thought it was waay too much protein and not enough fats.
I definitely don’t eat as much protein as the LiveFit program recommends or as some bloggers eat.
I can’t believe the amount of protein that LiveFit was recomending, it really does seem like a ton! I got so many readings crossed off of my study list and I didn’t have any thoughts of self-doubt! After cooking until done, a internal temperature of 165 degrees F, I weighed the portion of chicken again.
I don’t eat nearly as many egg whites as she suggests and get my protein from other sources like yogurt and cottage cheese.

The only reason you would need to have that much protein is if you were leaning out, and even then it’s still too much. I’ve got to get that out of my head though because I think things such as the live fit program are distorting my perspective on how much protein I’m having!
I don’t have a food scale but I saw that the pre-packaged chicken breasts I was buying were about 4 ounces each and when cooked, they were smaller (like you said). Protein is definitely important – but having a balance of macronutrients is even more important! Not sure why, because I still eat my carbs, but I feel like the protein is outweighing the carbs.
It just goes to show that the program is not providing enough fat and carbs, and she’s trying to make up for it with excessive amounts of protein.
I definitely feel great -the protein helps my body build muscle really quickly and the fats keep me feeling full and help my hair and skin :).

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