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Hot to get 6 pack abs, bent over lateral raises - How to DIY

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Lets clear up one huge misconception right now, ab machines and ab exercises will NOT get you 6-pack abs!  95% of the work in getting 6-pack abs is losing bodyfat and no ab exercise will do that.  If you have a beer belly, you could do ab exercises all year long and still never get 6-pack abs. By the way, I’ve tried hard here to give you all the information you need to know in order to lose bodyfat and get 6-pack abs in one single, concise page. Its important to note that there are reasons that some people may not want visible 6-pack abs as their top priority. Low carb diets are very effective in losing fat fast which is why they have been so popular in the past – people use these all the time to get ready for high school reunions and weddings. OK, I know I said that losing weight and getting 6-pack abs was as easy as 1-2-3, but there is a fourth element as well. By now you have noticed something odd, the title of this page is “Losing Weight and Building 6-Pack Abs” and yet I haven’t even mentioned any ab exercises yet.
Four most common ab mistakes, Learn what NOT to do when working toward ripped, washboard 6-pack abs.
The sad truth is that a lot of people will never be able to build those six-pack abs, as their genes just aren’t right for it. Truth: Women tend to accumulate fat around their arms, waist, hips, and buttocks, while men almost exclusively get chunky around their stomach. However, your abs really aren’t as important as MOST of the other muscles in your body. As you can see, your abs rank among the least important muscles, so they need very little attention.

You can have rippling muscular abs but if they are covered with an inner tube of fat then nobody is going see them.
The fourth critically important thing for losing fat and getting 6-pack abs is getting enough sleep! If they don’t already have them, I can pretty confidently say that 99% of us (myself included) spend a lot of our time staring in the mirror trying to see if we can finally notice those abs muscles standing out. That’s a sad misconception that leads so many people to spend hours each week focusing on building their abs muscles.
This means that guys have to drop their body fat % a lot lower in order to get those six pack abs than women do. With just 2 to 4 exercises per workout, your abs will make progress along with the rest of your body. If you’re lucky enough to build those six-pack abs, count yourself among the fortunate few! I may get around to toning up my abs enough in the future that I can see them, but for now I’m going to focus on losing weight – and you should too! If I hung my personal identity and my ideal of fitness on my six-pack abs, I could very well develop both eating disorders and an unhealthy addiction to exercise. Most people already have abs and if they reduced their bodyfat they would see washboard abs. A lot of our time and energy is spent working on our abs – not a bad thing, but not really the best use of your time!

The only way you can really build a six pack is by dropping the body fat, and only then working on toning up the muscles. Even your chest is more important than your abs, and you need to prioritize your workouts according to the most important muscles. With time, you can pay extra attention to those abs once you’ve lost the weight you want! Sample movements would be suitcase walks (a farmer's walk, like strongmen do, but holding only one dumbbell), Turkish getups, and various lunges and presses with uneven loads (one heavier dumbbell in one hand or weight on one side and not the other). I will show you how to achieve your resolution of losing weight and getting stronger with a simple 30 minute home workout. Only once you’ve done that will your stomach be flat enough for the muscles of your abs to show through. The message is clear, if you are trying to lose bodyfat and get 6-pack abs you must get enough sleep. This makes it much easier to lose the weight but because no education is involved, the weight balloons back up after getting off their pre-made meals because their clients have not learned how to eat in the real world. If you skip it then a few hours later you might get those cravings and then everything goes to pot.

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