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Hip thrust exercise benefits, arm workouts with weights - PDF Review

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My intention in this guest Blog (thanks for the opportunity to speak to your readers Bret), is to simply share my experience with the exercise in a clinical and rehabilitation setting.
In terms of aesthetics, personally I never really had an ass throughout much of my life.  I didn’t actually develop one until I got serious with the hip thrust – and yes, I have always used FULL squats, RDL, etc. To conclude, the hip thrust is an indispensible tool for preparing for more complex lower extremity movement patterns (such as primal standard and ascended bending patterns – ie. This entry was posted in Glute Training, Guest Blogs, Low Back Reconditioning and tagged brandon alleman, glute training, hip thrust, low back rehabilitation, low back training on July 11, 2012 by Bret.
Brad see my post below but my thinking is you get 2.5 times the range and benefit so why limit yourself simply to GB. Ive been adding hip thrusts to my routine for the past year and I really have seen a difference.
I would agree with this article, but then again, I did barbell hip thrusts about a month back, hurt my lumbar spine.

An exercise I have incorporated into my lower body workouts for the past 2 months, which done correctly can get into your glutes like no other.
In the past twelve months I have been doing hip thrusts and got up to 396lbs prior to hip replacement surgery in Dec 2011. Since my surgeon does not want me to ever squat or press heavy again, especially below parallel, I will be depending on the hip thrust for maximum gluteus work! Master's Degree and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Bret Contreras is Here to Show You the Best Exercises, Techniques, and Methods to Improve Your Physique and Boost Your Performance.
In the near future I’ll post a video further discussing hip thrusts, safety considerations, biomechanical considerations, and options. I am now doing 450lb hip thrusts 6 months after the surgery and thats on the back of 1 session a week due to work schedules. I think we are a testament as to how useful, as well as safe this exercise can be to getting back stability, strength and muscle after hip surgery.

One element of doing some of these exercises especially loaded heavy is not whether or not you can do them but for how long. I have not met another heavy duty weight lifter like me who has had hip surgery at our age and is still lifting. Combined with some anterior core work (roll outs and landmines) I am the strongest I have been in my life through my lower back and hips.

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