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High reps vs low reps for weight loss, world's strongest man dies - For Begninners

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The whole idea of using high reps for weight loss came about from the idea the you should turn your strength training workouts into more of a cardio workout when you want to lose weight. You might be surprised to know this, but yes – you can lose fat lifting weights in a low rep range.
There is nothing wrong with that, but using exercise for both means you won’t be able to fully optimize both strength and fat loss goals.

Usually, they would accompany this higher rep range with a decrease in rest time between sets.
I read somewhere recently that women can’t bulk up from weight training so their goal should be to build muscle. Before i became ill, i used to do boxing, kickboxing, cycling, bootcamp, and weight lifting, 6 days a week. Some people can get away with a single set to failure while others like high volume training.

It said that if you want to build up your strenght go heavy weights with low reaps, but if you want to build muscle do lower weight and more reaps. I’d like to start out with doing it only 3 days a week, full body to lose weight and increase strength, and focus on my cardio the other 4 days.

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