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Ghd situps crossfit, easy way to get abs fast - For You

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In the CrossFit community the GHD Sit Up is officially called the “Glute-Ham Developer Sit Up” but unofficially you might dub this the “ab crusher.” It is a powerful movement that should be approached with caution but shouldn’t be removed from your training. These 5 Post CrossFit Yoga Poses for GHD Sit Ups are meant to gently stretch the abdominals to restore normal flexibility and movement back into the anterior chain.

What’s amazing about the GHD Sit Up is that during the actual movement, your legs seem to be doing most if not all of the work.
Slow might be all you can manage the day after a few rounds of GHD Sit Ups, but either way, gently make your way into these yoga poses and hold for up to 30 seconds while you breath in and out through the nose.

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