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Full body workouts everyday, six pack abs exercises with pictures - For Begninners

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I understand how confusing and frustrating this question can be.  For example, tons of smart trainers I know who have great physiques focus their strength training workouts on split routines.  But yet they train every one of their clients with full body workouts! The following will teach you about the pros and cons of full body workouts and split routines so you can decide which type of routine is right for you.
I did this because shifting from basic full body workout to full body workouts that are more targeted allows for a great progression, changes up the workouts, and I wanted you to try both styles to see which one you like more so you can sustain the workouts for the long haul.
At the end of the day, like most of these intractable fitness questions, a full body workout vs.

For me i prefer a full body workout , im not looking for mass but want to look better and improve my body and abs. It doesn’t matter how many days per week you can workout, just do every other each time. I read one article that said doing the Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press and Pull Ups would be a good workout.
It is a full body routine but it takes way too long to complete especially if I’m a little tired.

Ideally I would work out with weights for about 45 minutes 2-3 times per week with a full body workout. I also have a life outside of the weights so I am serious about sticking to a full body workout and having some free time for other things.

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