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Fitness training courses, work out at home for men without equipment - For Begninners

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We've partnered with leading health and fitness operators in the UK and abroad to offer graduates a wide range of job opportunities. Refer a friend today and receive a voucher worth up to £150 to use on courses from Premier Training International - click the headline above to find out more! Read the new edition of Premier Training's magazine featuring the latest fitness trends, industry news, training programmes & product reviews. Premier Training's Level 4 courses will help you take your expertise to the next level and excel in your career.

Graduates of our NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification are landing great jobs all over the world. Work Based Learning supports companies and individuals by providing training within their work environment, working closely with employers to train individuals in the occupational skills they need to do their job successfully and achieve recognized industry qualifications.
Premier Training offers bespoke and flexible fitness education courses and we're the preferred education choice of leading health clubs and operators. You can choose from a personal trainer certification workshop, or our comprehensive, and self-paced, online personal trainer certification course.

Here are a few:- Group Fitness Instructor- Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach- Kids Nutrition Specialist- Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist(2) As long as you have WiFi or an Internet connection you can become a certified personal trainer. We believe we offer the total fitness package that can help you get out into the field and make a serious difference in people’s lives.

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