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Fight training academy, online workout videos youtube - Review

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Sycuan's professional San Diego fire fighting training academy is held annually on the Sycuan Indian Reservation in Southern California — the 2010 fire academy was canceled.
SPECIAL FORCES STYLE BOOT CAMP TRAINING — Elite wildland firefighters need super-human stamina and upper-body strength to fight raging fires in rugged wildness and back-country environments. The Southern California, West Coast fire academy program at Sycuan is designed to create stressful situations and enforce strict Marine Corps style military standards of discipline and pressure its cadets into breaking their individual personal preconceived barriers of mental and physical limitations through teamwork and fierce group involvement of academy safety-training goals. Sycuan staff Firefighter Jaks was able to capture the dangerous snake, release it unharmed away from the training area and the academy resumed wildland fire training on the rural San Diego mountain. INDIAN PREFERENCE: First preference in filling training and employment openings with Sycuan Fire Dept.
TEAMWORK — A squad of fire fighter recruits walk a freshly-cut fire line on the Sycuan reservation during Day Four of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Wildland Fire Academy. To provide FEEDBACK or comments about the Sycuan Academy program, please CONTACT THE CHIEF through the ADMIN email. Chief Clayton's 50 years of professional fire-fighting experience and knowledge are real assets to the department and he serves as a role model and mentor to even the most experienced professional fire fighters — Chief Clayton is a legend in his own time by any standard of professionalism. Battalion Chief Wadell Kanseah (Mescalero-Apache), Sycuan Fire Department Wildland Division — pictured Day Two addressing recruits at the Sycuan Training Center. Superintendent Juan Mendez (Zapoteca), 33, is the superintendent of the BIA Golden Eagles Interagency Hotshot Crew IHC at Sycuan — pictured Day Nine briefing the recruits and academy instructors at the start of Coyote Tactics.
In 1995, Mendez completed the 1995 Sycuan Fire Academy (DOWNLOAD HI-RESOLUTION SCHOOL PHOTO) and was immediately hired on to the Sycuan Fire Department.
Elite Golden Eagles Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) also do a lot of the PT and field instructing during the academy (pictured here at sunset, Day Nine). BIA-NIFC Regional Aviation Manager Dave Underwood, a famous federal training officer in the fire community and highly-experienced helitack instructor, Dave Underwood conducts many of the helicopter flight and aviation safety training courses at the BIA helicopter academy at the San Diego County aviation training facility — his official govermnent Web sites are BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (BIA) and NATIONAL INTERAGENCY FIRE CENTER (NIFC). Strict enforcement of rules, adherence to academy protocol, and military standards of discipline and teamwork set the Sycuan fire academy training apart from weaker fire-fighter programs. Elite wildland firefighters need upper-body strength and super-human stamina — the academy program is designed to instill strict discipline and show the cadets how to break individual preconceived barriers of mental and physical limitations through teamwork and group support system of brotherhood and family.

Sycuan Fire Department Deputy Chief Mitch Villalpando addressed the recruits and welcomed them to the Sycuan-BIA academy. The academy is designed to closely monitor each recruit's progress during the demanding three-week program — here, DI Solis is noting the number of chin ups each cadet is able to do on Day Two.
The recruits arrived at the Kumeyaay Community College classroom and were introduced to the Sycuan-BIA academy staff, including Chief Murphy who officially welcomed them to the Sycuan Fire Department. The fierce competition for the limited slots available in the academy gave the department best, highest-motivated recruits in the United States of America to choose from.
Firefighter recruits walk a fire line on the reservation during Day Four of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Wildland Fire Academy at the Sycuan Training Center in San Diego County.
The Sycuan Hotshots posted experienced wildland lookouts and set four large pit fires as a training aid for today's field classes — the smoke permeated the surrounding back country by strong winds and set an uneasy tone in the community for the realistic fire fighting training. Experienced Golden Eagles Hotshots observed and took part in today's fire training — pictured are firefighters Delarosa and Faumuina (both 2008 academy graduates).
The academy students also cut line with their hand tools, Sycuan GEHS Firefighter Sawboss is pictured looking down on the recruits. Outside, the academy split into three groups and got hands-on experience using a firemen's compass. Bureau of Indian Affairs fire academy students get familiar with a compass during class — Recruit Armstrong (Apache, White Mountain) is pictured reading the compass. 21 BIA FIRE ACADEMY RECRUITS, Day 5 — DOWNLOAD HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOGRAPH FOR PRINTING. MOBILE ATTACK — BIA wildland firefighter students are taught mobile attack procedures at the San Diego fire academy and are pictured on the Sycuan Indian Reservation using a state-of-the-art Sycuan water tender. APACHE INDIAN — Recruit Armstrong, from White Mountain Indian Reservation, sprays a fog stream as the nozzle man during mobile pumping exercises at the Sycuan Training Center.
FIRE SHELTERS — San Diego County fire academy students practice a basic wildland life-saving technique where they are told to quickly shed their fire-fighting gear and escape to a pre-determined safety area to deploy their fire shelters. PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT — BIA academy firemen trainees each got an opportunity to perform various fire-related jobs.

San Diego California wildland fire academy instructor Fireman Takahashi helped a young fire recruit learn how to properly hold a streaming high-pressure fire hose. SYFD Firefighter Takahashi was one of the professional instructors who taught today's classes at the elite San Diego wildland firefighting academy. Deputy Chief Villalpando leads the academy down off a Dehesa Valley mountain side — DOWNLOAD HIGH RESOLUTION BIA POSTER. The fire fighters and fire trainees mingled and made last-minute preparations before heading out to MF Mountain. I had lost my light at this point and focused the rest of my time on video for the academy contract DVD fire movie. WILDLAND RECRUITS PHOTO SCRAPBOOK — Sycuan Academy #12 poses for an early morning group picture after night one of coyote tactics. It helps to have a big voice on the fire line — GE IHC Firefighter Delarosa, a graduate of the 2008 Sycuan-BIA Fire Academy, called out instructions to recruits. Golden Eagles Firefighter Chea (looking at the photographer) is a successful fire academy graduate of last year's BIA-Sycuan fire academy.
Fighterfighter morale was pretty high during the morning — I think they are glad Night Ops is over and that everyone made it. After confiscating 34 dogs from a dog fighting ring this week alone, their shelter is now over capacity.
Sycuan employs more than 2,500 people in a variety of positions, including casino operations, food service, security, accounting, facilities, professional golf academy, landscaping and fire fighting professions The Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA maintains some 90 HOTSHOT CREWS across the USA. Verification Form BIA-4432 must be submitted with any employment or training application if applicant is claiming Indian Preference.

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