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Fat with six pack, six pack abs for women - Plans Download

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Anyway, I am down now to between 7-8% body fat (according to my Tanita scale), have lost a total of 3-4 inches in the waist, lost a total of about 24 lbs, and got my 6 pack abs! Now with your workout program and advice on nutrition I feel energized and happier than ever.
I have been on your Truth about Six Pack Abs program for 7 weeks now and i've successfully dropped 20 pounds of body fat so far! With all of the useless ab information being promoted today I figured this was just one of a long line of books, or gadgets, that prove to be long on promises, but short on delivery.
I have had a great time with the interesting multi joint exercises you recommend and I can really feel them throughout my whole body, as well as getting quite a cardio-pump from them. 1) I've already lost about 25 lbs of fat and have actually gotten stronger in my whole body at the same time!
I have struggled with my weight and every fad-diet out there since I gave up smoking in 1983. I know it will take some discipline to get the fat loss results I want, but I have traded my cookies and cream ice cream for some of the healthier (yet still tasty) foods and snacks that you recommend. Once I started following on your instructions, within four months I brought my weight down to 74kg. I'd tried low carb, low fat, extremely low calorie diets mixed with running but it never seemed to work and now I know why! When I met Mike 2 years ago, I was at a training conference and doing some networking with other trainers.
Man, was I ever wrong!  Within five minutes of talking with Mike, I realized how bright he was and that he was truly an authority on getting a six pack. Once again, thanks so much to all of you who have written to me about your satisfaction with my Truth about Six Pack Abs program and the successes that you've all had. Use the following link to get your own copy of the The Truth about Six Pack Abs program and get started on your new lean sexy body today!

You may have been like me and thought that getting six pack abs required spending hours in the gym doing thousands of crunches and sit ups. Awhile back I stumbled across some information about getting six-pack abs that changed my life forever in regards to getting six-pack abs…*hint* it had everything to do with the food I was eating. If you are struggling to lose belly fat around your midsection and tired of carrying around that extra spare tire, realize that you are actually closer than you think to having nice lookin’ abs. Mike Geary’s program teaches you that its NOT crunches or sit ups that bring you a sexy six pack… its food. Join me as I show you how to build muscle, lose fat and get fit using just bodyweight exercises.
I was getting stronger and stronger and my distance running was improving a lot but I could never shift the fat.. I changed my running workouts completely and started doing his style of interval training instead and combined this with his unusual workout plans for weights (which are amazing by the way)– I now spend half the time in the gym (3 x 1hrs per week) and get at least 3-5x better results. Since my weight stayed about the same, that means I gained muscle while losing 7 inches of fat from my waist!
I still have a little more body fat to lose, but I can already tell that a visible six pack is just a few more weeks away! After reading through all of your info, I can't believe how many things I was wasting my time with or even just doing plain WRONG!
Ive only been using it for about 2 weeks and I can already feel my pants starting to loosen and I have the confidence to go outside without feeling like I have to wear a sweatshirt to hide my gut. I have always been in decent shape and maintained a good physique, but with the help of your program over the last couple months, I have taken my fitness to new levels. Your advice is dead-on and yet adopting the necessary mind set and discipline continues to allude most of us who want so much to attain the fittest bodies possible, yet we continue to struggle with falling for fads and supplements.
For the first time in my life, I feel like I can see exactly what I need to do to reach my goal of a body that is fit, lean, and showing a six-pack!
Mike's strategy of employing full body training techniques comprised of multi-joint exercises delivers a highly effective fat burning program.

I also strengthened areas of my neck and back that were weak from past sports injuries and can now lift weights and work on exercises without injury! I'm 56 years old and have lifted and worked out and tried different diets for the past 15 years or so with mixed results. After I received your Six Pack Abs program and read through the whole thing a couple times, it really motivated me more than anything else I've come across. My body got a very good shape with lean muscles that everybody I know started praising & admiring. Specifically, types of food have certain qualities that either make you store fat or help you burn fat. I've been working out quite a bit lately, but I realized from your book that I was not working out very effectively, and was wasting a lot of my time with poor exercises.
I have never had someone speak to me the way Mike did with such genuine interest and belief that I CAN beat my obesity problem and live a long healthy life in a new slimmer body. I've been on your suggested lean muscle diet in your book for 3 weeks now and am starting to lose a decent amount of the fat around my waist, so your program seems to be working well. With my own workout style I brought it down to 82-83kg level within abt 6 months & never fell below that for the whole of a year.
Then you go home and cut out most the fat in your diet and reduce the carbs.That’s what most people do. Time and willpower that can be used for something more effective.What you need is to trigger your hormones with very specific full body exercises. The fiber will fill you up more and will slow down the glycaemic response of your meal.And stay away from processed foods, sugar and trans fats. They only need to trim their fats to reveal it Build Muscle May 25, 2015 at 7:35 am # Thanks for reading Jocelyn.

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