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Exercise to replace flat bench cable flyes, get shredded meal plan - Try Out

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Any time you use a bench within the cable system, you go from cable "crossover" to cable "flye" (just in case you were wondering).
The great thing about the cable flye is that you can also work each side individually, allowing the opposite (non-working) cable to stabilize your body.
You’ll obviously have to modify the weight used when performing dumbbell unilateral exercises, since the opposite arm doesn’t have an equal amount of weight to counterbalance your body.
Both exercises are excellent single-joint moves because they target the chest while reducing the contribution from the triceps and front delts. WHEN TO DECLINE: Since the Smith machine decline bench press allows you to use more weight than the flat or incline versions, do it at the start of your chest workouts when you’re the strongest and can load on the most weight.
But the cable flye can be done using a decline, incline or flat bench to target various areas of the chest from multiple angles for complete development. In addition to doing flat-bench presses and flyes, you also need to do these exercises on an incline bench, as well as a decline bench.
Whenever you begin any of those variations, start out light until you find the perfect angle for the bench and the motion of your arms. Dumbbells also allow you to vary the angle of motion during flye-type exercises, and that’s especially important if you have certain nagging injuries. At this point, the cables require more work because of the constant tension and angle of resistance.

To really build up the lower pecs, there is no better exercise than the decline bench press. When the pectoralis major contracts, it moves the upper arm in numerous directions, such as toward the center of the body (adduction), as when you do flyes and presses, and lifts the arm forward (flexion), as during reverse-grip bench presses, and moves the arm down (extension), as during pullovers. In other words, you might have to move the bench up or back to find the plane of work that feels best.
To be fair, the same benefit that the cable flye affords when it comes to unilateral exercises, is equally shared by dumbbells.
Although you’re still working the chest with dumbbells at that point in the move, the inner chest isn’t getting blasted with the same intensity as the cable version.
A better option is the Smith machine decline bench press, which makes the exercise easier to perform so that you can better focus on the lower pecs.
Position a decline bench in the middle of a Smith machine; set it at an angle of 30–40 degrees. I intend to show alternative exercises to commonly used machines that have less subtle alternatives for those lifters who may be new or just not be as experienced as others. On the other hand, I will still avoid listing machine exercises that have extremely obvious free-weight alternatives.
Seated Cable Row Alternative Exercises (Back) The seated cable row machine is one of the few machines I like.

Plate loaded cable machines typically do a pretty good job of replicating a natural movement without restricting range of motion like isolation machines do. Then, place a bench or stool in a position that allows you to have your feet on the bench while you hang from the bar. Having the weight of your lower body being supported by the bench makes the pull-ups easier. Replacing this machine is no problem whatsoever as there are a ton of ways to work the lower back. The hyper-extension bench (also called an oblique flexor) is not nearly as useful in my opinion.
If you happen to own one of those benches with the leg curl attachment, feel free to use that.
Pec Deck Machine Alternatives (Chest) The Pec Deck is a chest isolation machine meant to replicate flyes. Personally, I’m a fan of close grip benching and doing pushdowns with resistance bands.

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