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Exercise for your legs at home, get rid of belly fat in 4 weeks - Test Out

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Squats are the single best exercise you can do for your lower body and they should be a staple in all your leg workouts.
Scissor kicks are not only great for your legs, they will help you carve your midsection as well. Standing hip abductors are great for shredding that outer thigh fat and they will help make your booty nice and firm. Knee highs are a fun exercise that not only shreds your lower body, but will burn lots of calories in the process. 3 – High Skips: This is another good exercise to do when you’re out performing your walking exercises.
5 – Leg Curl: This exercise works the hamstrings (the muscles situated at the backs of the thighs). 8 – Lower Leg Stretches: Lift up your leg so that again it stretches straight out in front of you.
9 – Yoga Downward Facing Dog: Position yourself on all fours, your palms flat to the floor, slightly further apart than your shoulders, fingers spread wide.
Standing high in Google’s search results can have a phenomenal affect the success of your company. Stretching your legs will increase your range of motion, promote fluid movement, promote healing, and prevent muscle soreness and injury. These exercises are also good for before you go to a ballet class as they fully stretch out your legs. Meet Daniel, a wikiHow author, editor, and Admin from Belgium who has been involved in the community for over 2 years. It seems like many people focus so much on other body parts while walking around with puny legs.
Lie on your side and slowly raise your leg upwards, hold for two seconds and slowly return to resting position.
This exercise will burn more calories than regular lunges and is great for hitting all your stabilizer muscles in your legs. Perform these like regular squats but instead use a wider stance and point your toes outward. Pull yourself up on to your tiptoes then lower yourself all the way down until you’re sitting on your heels. Try skipping for a while instead of walking – it will increase your heart rate and will also give your legs a more strenuous workout.
Start on all fours, then jump your feet in so that they’re next to your hands, then spring your hands forward another length, bring your feet up to join them and so on. Your legs should be fully extended, ankles on top of a cushioned pad and your back at right angles to your legs. With your ankles secured behind the cushioned pad and toes pointing straight ahead, slowly extend your legs until they are stretching straight out in front of you, hold and then lower them back down. Imagine you are pulling your foot back in towards your body, so that your heel is the most protruding part and your toes are almost pointing backwards towards your body.

Stretching your legs will help you to prevent injury and also to prevent muscle soreness after walking, running or cycling.
This stretch puts you in a different position to stretch not only your hamstrings but also the muscles of the calf.
This exercise shows you how to stretch your quads in a lunge position while sitting on the ball. The Pilates roll down will stretch your hamstrings and calves while relieving tension in your back. This stretch for your hamstrings and calves can be easily modified to match your flexibility level. This pose, also commonly called the “gate pose,” gets its name because your upper body crosses over to resemble the cross beam of a gate.
The king dancer will stretch your quadriceps while opening up your hips and the front of your body. For instance, if you are stretching before a run, then walk for about 2 minutes before performing your warm-up stretches to increase circulation to your muscles and to prevent injury. This is especially tempting because many leg stretches require you to reach toward your toes. Step across your body with your left leg and lunge down, like you are doing a traditional curtseying.
After a minute or so you will really feel the burn in your thighs.The pain you endure now, will payoff big this summer and you will be sure to make heads turn with your new sexy legs. Slowly bend your legs so that you’re in a normal sitting position, pause, then return your legs to their outstretched staring position.
This should enable you to feel a strong stretch in your calf; make sure that this is a comfortable stretch for you. To stretch your legs 1 at a time, bend your left leg and place your left foot flat on the upper step.
However, you can also rest your hips on the ball, bend one heel toward your butt and grasp your ankle, pulling your heel close to your butt, to stretch your quads. You can also use a wall to support your back foot if you don’t have 2 chairs that are appropriate for the exercise. If you need more support, then stand with your back and hips against a wall and with your feet about 6” from the wall.
If you are struggling to get a deep enough stretch, wrap a yoga strap around the arch of your foot and use it until you can comfortably reach your foot. If you cannot bend all of the way over, then place your hands on a wall in front of you so that your arms are parallel to the floor. If you cannot sit on the floor between your heels, then sit on a yoga block or a pillow so that your knees are comfortably tucked in beside you.
You can wrap a strap around your back foot if grasping your foot behind as it is positioned behind your body is too challenging.
With your front leg in “lunge” position, you will also strengthen your quadriceps and glutes.

Not only does this jerking motion offer little benefit; it also places you at risk for injury. Instead of siting on the couch while you watch TV, try sitting against the wall and holding the position for as long as you can. Even though you will be raising your legs quite high, try to keep the skips fairly close together so that you can fit in the maximum number. This exercise will also give your arms a bit of a workout, but it shouldn’t be attempted if you have weak wrists: if in doubt, jump on the spot or skip instead.
Aim for about twenty small bounces, then slowly squeeze the leg back to its original position and swap legs. You can also push the soles of your feet against the wall for a stretch in your shins if you’re suffering from shin splints. As you perform this exercise, engage your abdominal muscles to keep your pelvis squared and to relieve tension on your back muscles.
Keep your hips over your feet so that you don’t hyper extend your knees, and concentrate on keeping your abdominal muscles scooped and lifted throughout the exercise. If you are extremely flexible, then grasp your foot with your top hand instead of just extending it over the top of your body.
If you need more of a challenge, then unfold your arms and grasp your ankles, bringing your head down to meet your knees. As you recline, you can ask a partner to push against your thighs to increase the stretch in your quadriceps. After two or three sessions, see whether you can slightly increase the ‘hold’ when your legs are stretched out. To target the inner and outer thigh muscles, repeat the exercise but move your leg out to the side and back instead of up and down. This exercise is great because it can be done anywhere, you can also add resistance bands to make it more challenging and effective. Concentrate on using your legs to do the pushing: don’t be tempted to let the door handle take the strain. For the inner thigh muscles specifically, turn your foot out to the side when you flex it; your ankle should be pointing towards the ceiling. You can also perform this exercise on a bench provided that you give yourself something to hold onto.
Stay like this, or with the heels flat to the floor, for a minute or so, or as long as is comfortable.

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