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Exercise ball weight watchers, medicine ball abdominal exercises - Within Minutes

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Weight Watchers is a well known brand that has been helping people lose weight and get healthy for many years. The stability ball is one of the most popular fitness tools around for good reason: it adds bonus core strengthening and toning to any exercise.
The Weight Watchers: Pick Your Spot Stability Ball Kit includes tools to help your workout be a success. Just started getting back into exercising last week so i could really use this to help me gain core strength. I lost some weight due to illness this year and I plan on continuing to get back into shape.

I would love a stability ball because the chiropracter has suggested it would help with my back pain. I’d like to win this for my daughter because she asked me to try to win her some exercise equipment.
I would like the balance ball especially because it’s supposed to help with chronic pain.
I would love to win this one because I really want to lose weight in 2015 and I have a bad knee and I have heard that using a ball would be good for me. I have trouble doing a lot of the stand up exercises because I have bad knees, so I think this would enable me to get more exercise.

She has had a hip replacement and is trying to lose weight, she was told there are some exercises she can do with a ball like this.
The stability ball is a good size and gets your moving in the right direction for your new fitness wants.

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