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A recent study (November 2011) performed at the Department of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at Hunting University, tested the effects of dynamic and static warm-up for college baseball players. There have been many studies contradicting both dynamic and static warm-up, but overall there is more research supporting dynamic warm-up.
Most importantly, the dynamic warm-up will help to reduce the risk of injury among players through allowing muscles to be properly exercised and prepared prior to participation. This entry was posted in Injury Prevention, Sports Performance and tagged Baseball, Dynamic Warm Up, Flexibility, Static stretching, Strength training, Warming up.
GUEST POST: Trainer and BuiltLean founder Marc Perry demonstrates a dynamic warm-up to get your body prepared for almost any workout.
Around 10 years ago, dynamic warm-ups started gaining popularity in the sports world as an effective method for athletes to prep before an event. In this article, you'll learn why a dynamic warm-up is so effective, and we'll cover a specific full body routine you can use before you exercise—whether you're about to play a sport or hit the weights. A dynamic warm-up uses stretches that are "dynamic," meaning you are moving as you stretch. Dynamic stretching improves range of motion Current concepts in muscle stretching for exercise and rehabilitation. Here's a dynamic warm-up routine that doesn't require any equipment, it will prep your entire body for movement, and it can be completed in just five minutes. A T-Push Up is a great exercise to help warm-up your upper body, especially the shoulders, while also activating your entire core. To make this dynamic warm-up easier, you can do some of the exercises assisted while holding on to a sturdy and stable pole or object.

I hope it’s now clear that a solid dynamic warm-up can effectively prepare your body for exercise. There are some HUGE benefits to dynamic stretching, which is an excellent full body warm up before any type of intense activity whether you’re about to play sports, or lift weights.
The traditional warm up is to walk, or run on a treadmill, or some other low level cardio activity for 5-10 minutes to raise the temperature of your muscles to help prevent injury.
The major downside of the traditional warm up routine of jogging is that it doesn’t prepare you for the intensity of your workout and all the different movement patterns that you will likely use. Here’s an example of a dynamic stretching routine I use to get a full body warm up in only a few minutes. This dynamic stretching exercise helps loosen up your psoas and hips, while engaging your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves.
This the basic version of a more advanced dynamic stretching exercise you take your right elbow and bring it as close to your heel as possible if you are lunging with your right leg. Your warm up recommendations helped me get my heart rate up and prepare me for my excercise routine.
For months now i have been getting up early in the morning and I have been having such a hard time getting warmend up and ready for any sort of athletic movements.
When playing baseball, the demands and playing actions are centered around power, acceleration, explosiveness, and dynamic movement. By definition, it involves putting players through a series of dynamic motions and drills requiring constant movement of chosen joints and muscles.  By implementing this style of warm-up, coaches are seeking to encourage increased flexibility in specific muscle groups, facilitate firing of muscle chains, and warm up the core body temperature of players. The results of the studied showed a significant advantage with dynamic warm-up over static warm-up when tested on vertical jump and long jump.

For decades, static stretching, which requires holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds while motionless, was the most popular type of warm-up for athletes. For example, a lunge with a twist is a dynamic stretching exercise that engages your hips, legs, and core muscles.
So if you feel like you can barely bend over to tie your shoes after a long day at work, a dynamic warm-up routine can help you feel more limber. If you don’t warm-up and hop into a soccer game, it may take a while for your body to perform optimally. Studies reveal dynamic stretching before a workout can help you lift more weight and increase overall athletic performance compared to no stretching or static stretching Effects of static stretching for 30 seconds and dynamic stretching on leg extension power.
If you are trying to get stronger, build more muscle, or simply perform better, a dynamic warm-up routine is likely your best bet.
This basic routine can be used as an effective warm-up for many different activities, from interval training sprints to a full body strength training workout. Preparing for competition through static stretching alone seems like an unusual and even inappropriate choice due to the inconsistency between the stretching technique and the dynamic requirements of the body during an inning of baseball. This style of warm-up requires players to perform more dynamic sport and position-specific tasks versus holding static stretches.  Finally, these types of stretches can lend to development of increased speed, power, and explosiveness. The findings indicated that the athletes could gain nearly 2 inches in their jump distances, just from switching from dynamic to static stretching!

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