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Dynamic warm up crossfit, how can you get rid of belly fat - How to DIY

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The importance of warming up before exercise is not a new concept, nor is it particularly stimulating subject matter; however it’s important to think about and reflect on from time to time heading into your Crossfit warm up as moderation and changes to your pre WOD routine can have genuine effects on the performance of your AMRAP Thursdays.
Beyond addressing the scientific arguments for proper stretching and hydration, we will also discuss the changing schools of thought behind stretching and the increasingly popular theory suggesting that Dynamic Stretching prevents more injuries and leads to better increases in flexibility than the older, more popular form of Static Stretching. The process of warming up generally involves some type of light cardiovascular activity (like jogging) as well as stretching exercises which combined, increase circulation and blood flow to gradually ‘warm’ the muscle in preparation for strenuous activity. Warming up not only increases respiratory circulation for proper muscle function, it also creates conditions for improved mental focus by inducing beneficial neuroplasticity responses.  A proper Crossfit warm up therefore provides both physiological benefits to injury prevention as well as neurological benefits to mental focus and preparation.
Most athletes don’t realize they employ the wrong stretching techniques in their Crossfit warm up.

Dynamic Stretching differs from static stretching in that these forms utilize momentum from various movements to gradually mobilize muscles towards their maximum range of motion. Adding dynamic stretching exercises to your Crossfit warm up along with increasing your awareness of PNF techniques for reducing muscle pain, will go a long way in improving your WOD performance.
As part of achieving the optimal WOD warm up routine, The American Council on Exercise suggests drinking 17 to 20 ounces of water 3 hours before your workout (about half a litre). Cincinnati Bengals starting corner back Leon Hall came in yesterday to see what CrossFit was all about. Unlike simple cardio workouts performed on the elliptical or stair climber, Crossfit requires high degrees of diverse functional movements performed at varied speeds and intensities.

We only skim the surface of Crossfit warm up ideas with our focus on stretching and hydration in this article, for a deeper understanding of both, along with a full list of step-by-step stretches and sports drink reviews, see our supplemental pieces on both subjects at the end of the article.

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