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Dumbbell shrugs muscles worked, build muscle and lose fat in 30 days - Reviews

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If any substantial amount of weight is being used, it is recommended that there is a stand nearby to place the dumbbells on when finished.
Grip the dumbbells (wrist straps may be needed if the weight cannot be held for complete sets), lift the weights off the stand, let the arms hang at the sides, and ensure that the core is kept tight throughout movement, which, in turn, maintains the back in a straight position. There are specially designed grip strengtheners that can work wonders, provided the necessary time and effort is put in.
If you wish to develop the upper region of the trapezius, the dumbbell shrug is the perfect exercise to do so.
There is no need to roll the shoulders forward or backward during the shrug, instead the movement should be purely linear.

It is also possible to perform the shrug with a barbell or at a cable station with a low pulley.
Stand erect with a dumbbell on each hand (palms facing your torso), arms extended on the sides. Hold this position for a moment then slowly lower the dumbbells to their original position. Shrug the shoulders both up and back (keeping the arms relatively relaxed so as to keep focus on the trapezius), hold the squeeze briefly, and exhale throughout the movement. The middle portions are worked when the shoulder blades are squeezed together and to the back.

The exercise requires little dynamic assistance from other muscle groups, and primarily stimulates the upper region of the trapezius which is responsible for the elevation of the scapula.

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