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Strong shoulders help with every other exercise from bench press to pull ups, and for all you boxers and MMA guys, well conditioned shoulders will help you to win a fight. Secondly, no one developed great shoulders by focusing on dumbbell side raises or shoulder pressing on machines.
In this case I have to point out 3 important variations of the dumbbell shoulder press, all of which I think are important in different scenarios. To set up: while standing, clean both dumbbells up to shoulder level or have someone hand them too you if you are a wuss. To press: keeping your feet flat on the floor and your back straight against the bench, press both dumbbells up simultaneously, stopping just short of full lockout. In the following video Scott Herman mentions bringing the dumbbell down to where the shoulders are at 90 degree. To set up: start just like a seated dumbbell press, but start with the dumbbells in front of your face, palms facing towards you, the sides of the dumbbells will probably be touching. Variations: two arm, one arm, wide grip, medium grip, close grip, high pulls, dumbbell cleans, barbell cleans, upright cable rows, upright dumbbell rows (slightly awkward). Definitely not compound by any means, lateral dumbbell raises are the equivalent of dumbbell curls for the shoulders.

To set up: standing up, hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands with your arms hanging straight down to the side. To raise: using the medial delts (the side of the shoulders), raise the dumbbells straight up to the side until both arms are parallel to the floor. Then lower the dumbbells back down, but not such that your arms or the weights touch your thighs, nor should your arms ever be perpendicular to the floor. Honorable mentions: internal rotations and external rotations for the rotator cuffs, bent over reverse dumbbell or cable flyes. To integrate these exercises into a training program that splits the body amongst different days, you can choose a press, upright rows, side lateral raises, and finish off with reverse dumbbell flyes on shoulder day. The criteria includes the opinions of many highly respected personal trainers and exercise scientists, my personal experience with myself and my clients, and years of published studies on muscle activation during the execution of thousands of different exercises. This muscle is activated more by isolated shoulder abduction movements, such as dumbbell side raises, than by anything else.
Back training such as rows, chin ups, and pull ups involve the rear delts more than most other exercises. The hang clean resembles a high pull (a powerful exercise that is similar to the upright row) and if you press without hesitation you can utilize the momentum and the stretch reflex to press more weight than you could from a dead stop.

As you return the first dumbbell to your shoulder, the second dumbbell should already be moving. Don’t plan on using super heavy weight though, as this is a more difficult exercise than regular dumbbell or barbell presses.
By the time you reach full extension your palms should be facing away from you and you will have rotated the dumbbells 180 degrees. Use the same sort of momentum you would use for a hang clean to pull the bar up to shoulder level.
On the days you train squats and deadlifts first, you should choose either heavy dumbbell shoulder presses or hang clean & press. Also choose High Pulls (explained after upright rows) as a power exercise for the shoulders.

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