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Did the rock use steroids for fast five, 6 pack abs workout routine bodybuilding - PDF Review

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What really stood out was how absolutely enormous Dwayne Johnson, (formerly The Rock from WWE), was for the role. But he looked like he weighed about 275 in the movie, basically just a huge wall of muscle. I hope The Rock doesn't come and lay the smackdown on my Roody Poo candy ass for being such a jabroni and writing this blog post!

Vin Diesel was pretty big in the movie but Johnson made him look like a girly man when he stood next to him. I actually did want to see this movie because both The Rock and Vin Diesel were both in it, and I'm a sucker for dumb action movies (I loved The Expendables for instance, which had an equally predictable plot). So anyways, the plot was stolen from every other type of car chase and heist movie but I still liked it.

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