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Delta force fitness guide, upper body circuit training - For Begninners

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One of the lesser utilized fitness regimes at the Tier 1 level, but still done enough to warrant a mention! For the longest time I had been searching for a work out that got me in shape like I was back during my time in the Navy.
The functional fitness evolution has spread like a wildfire throughout the military, especially CrossFit, and particularly in special operations units. A couple of years later, we adapted the RAW (Ranger Athlete Warrior) Program which incorporated some elements of functional fitness but still very different from the regimes we see today.

Speaking moreso for the men up in Fort Bragg, their fitness regime is a combination of three programs.
This is also another unique functional fitness regime which differs from both CrossFit and Gym Jones in terms of movements and equipment (lots of sandbag exercises).
Disclaimer: these workout regimes will probably not do that much for you if you are going to Delta selection! Once in a blue moon, certain CrossFit workouts are implemented by the individual operators, but CrossFit is not exactly the most suitable fitness program for the endurance focused shooters.

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