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Deer velvet new zealand, chicken and rice diet results - Try Out

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GOOD LOOK: New Zealand deer farmers have complied well with the changed grade standards this season, which included cutting earlier to achieve rounded velvet in the super grades.
Velvet producers have good prospects of stable to firming prices this season, which may help offset falling venison prices.
The velvet segment of the deer industry has found sustainability based on the expectation of a fifth consecutive year of steady prices. The main velvet marketers, PGG Wrightson (PGW) and ProVelco, have reported slight increases in prices for the beginning of the velvet season, which runs from October until April.Join the conversation and comment on this article! PGW national velvet manager Tony Cochrane said his main buyers had agreed to a 3.5% price increase in late October, which he felt set the tone for others in the trade.

KIWIS A FORCE: International velvet production is about 1400 tonnes annually, which makes New Zealand a significant player with 450t, Deer Industry NZ velvet marketing manager Rhys Griffiths says. The co-operative pays half the expected price as a deposit to producers when velvet is graded and settles the balance when sales are made and the money received.
Good sales had been made so far and ProVelco was well on top of velvet intake, Chambers said.
NZ produces about 450 tonnes of velvet annually, which earns $40 million-$50m at the farmgate. All 1200 deer farmers cut some velvet from their sire stags but the majority of the national production comes from special-purpose velveting herds, bred from some impressive imported bloodlines.

That sales channel took NZ velvet much closer to consumers, whereas in traditional medicine the NZ origin and identity was lost.

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