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Chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain, best ab workout for six pack - .

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While these may be the cause of your upper back pain, for most people upper back pain comes from the neck.
What I am saying is that your posture is the cause, and the pain in the upper back is the symptom.  When you bring your chin up and out your neck comes forward. Turn your head in the opposite direction till you are halfway in the opposite direction with some forward flexion.
Holding your  chin up and out leads to the trigger points and rib subluxations leading to upper back pain, like the picture below.
With enough pressure the ribs go out of place, and causes muscle trigger points like the rhomboid muscle and levator scapula.

I have seen 10 years old that play with  ipads  with bad posture triggering upper back pain.
I couldn’t sleep through the night and breathing was difficult without a lot of pain. Ken, i am from Pakistan and was facing same problem from past one week and thank you soo much now i am feeling good.
With enough time the ligaments get stretched out the discs start to bulge and you get a muscle imbalance. I created Bodi Empowerment to bring you and everyone-else safe and effective methods for self-treatment by basing my articles on research to everything I can.

Still many parts will be based on 18 years of experience, seminars, and collaboration with other health experts; which means you will get opinions as well.

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