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Chest and shoulder pain after running, how to do deadlifts with free weights - PDF Review

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A serious note about heart attacks - You should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. In an effort to get as many heart attack victims as possible to describe their symptoms (women only), I am creating this web page so you can send in your experience and other women can read it.
This should be a wake up call for those who have posted their experiences of heart attacks. About a week later I was cleaning in the house when I felt really tired, I got a drink and went to sit in the garden when the tightness came on very strongly,also my left arm was hurting, like a really bad cramp.
Hi ,my name is Sandy , when I was 64 I noticed my right foot was swelling , but paid no attention because it was really hot and my feet have always swelled in the summer . Looking back, last year she had been to visit me and one morning was so very dizzy and I took her to the Urgent Care. Pretty certain that i had food poisoning i sat on the floor of the toilet and felt unbelievable crushing of my ribcage from the sides - like you would imaging being crushed in elevator doors. After my husband went to bed, I started reading different women's stories on the internet.
I have worked for the last 15 years at least two jobs and managed to go to post graduate school along the way. Well anyway, I left the meeting with prilosec, took one, and met my husband to go out to dinner, and then buy last minute gifts for a family we had adopted.
Any way my husband took me to the ER, and when I told the attendant I had a chest pain, they admitted me right away, took and EKG which the first time it did not show anything, and then drew blood which I guess my enzimes were real elevated, and next gave me morphine for pain, then transported me to another hospital, where a cardiologist team was waiting to put a stent in my heart.
I tell you, I thank God, because I was having a heart attack on and off for at least that day, and the doctor who did the operation has told me twice you are a very lucky woman. Now, I am trying to slow down, because my stress came from doing to much, worrying about a lot of stuff, and always having the need to validate me by the work I do. If it's after office hours, there will be an answering service who will get your message to the doctor and he or she will tell you if you should go to the ER. After the test was complete, he went into the office and then asked me to come in and take a seat, whist I was waiting for him to discuss the result, I was reading his report on screen.

A hypo active thyroid can accelerate underlying heart disease and if not properly controlled and monitored can end in heart failure.
The day was so normal and good: went out for lunch, went shopping, drove to cafe to pick up daughter from work, parked car and started to knit. My breathing became gasps and in the mirror i looked grey with obvious sweat beading on forehead and top lip. I just turned 48 and in the early afternoon I was tired and was napping when I woke up realizing that I suddenly felt nauseous. About 2 months ago, I started to feel a tightness in my chest just below my neck, without a cause.
Then I got up one morning and i had this really stiff neck and told my husband I must have slept wrong because I had trouble turning my head.
Don't wait as long as I did because I had heart damage and when they did the heart cath a stent was placed!
On returning to my doctor for the results, she told me all was normal, laughed and said I should stop smoking as it was this causing the problem. I walked about 250 metres to the cafe to buy a bottle of water and scunge some paracetamol from daughter and walked back to car. I made my way into the bathroom and then noticed I had a heaviness in my chest and was short on breath. I have a very enlarged right atruim with stiffening of the right atruim and lungs and now I have the other! I contacted my doctor who sent me for x-rays, ecg, lung function and stress related ecg.(heart monitered whilst walking on treadmill. In hospital i was pleading for them to help stop the pain (still crushing from the sides) and they decided to send me for an arthroplasty. Next day after breakfast I had chest pain, my husband said he knew it was heart as soon as he saw me holding my chest. I called an ambulance and they came and gave her aspirin and atropine but could not find a vein for a long time.

She had complete heart failure in the ambulance but they got it going again and then she had an immediate stent put in through her artery in the groin, painful procedure, to clear the blockage. By the time I got there the ambulance had left, she had called her brother and he called 911. As I was being put in the ambulance to go to a cardiac center I passed out and the next time I woke up was 2 weeks later . She was always dizzy in the morning for more than a year and put it down to her thyroid and then she had told the doc a couple days before the attack about jaw pains. Eventually symptoms for most part past, but I did notice I had a pain across the top of my left breast. The ambulance pulled out the house and began driving, but suddenly stopped and the driver got out and began to help the other medic do CPR on my grandma. I read many woman talking about the jaw pains and it is true she didnt have much else preceding the attack. Later in the evening I said something to my son and the comment he made caused me to go look on the Internet for information. We finally got on the road towards the hospital, we all got there, and the toughest part was finding out she was dead when they stopped that first time to give her CPR. She was my best friend, she raised me, we talked everyday, we did everything together and for eachother.
I had and 85% blockage and have 3 stints and  a pacemaker now and am very aware of all the little things about my health .
So I called the on call doctor who told me to go the ER where after testing found that I had a heart attack. Her sugar has dropped b4 and normally she knows what to do to get it back up, but this time was different.

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