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Cheat meal meaning, muscles to strengthen lower back - .

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I find any more than 2 cheats a week means you’ll more than likely start to add body fat. Ok ,how do uake a cheat meal when my job is driving a truck ,across country and my sleep patterns are all over the board. If you allow yourself 2 cheats a week, maybe try a Tuesday and Friday evening to split it up. This will make your muscles PRIMED for the intake of nutrients, meaning they’ll more likely be partitioned off to muscle repair and growth, and not to fat storage. In bodybuilding circles, fitness circles, clean eating circles, cheat meals seem to be the go-to get out of jail card whenever someone hits a sticking point, or reaches a stage in their diet when the fat doesn’t seem to be dropping any more. You might be thinking that if a short-term calorie boost raises leptin, and leptin raises metabolism, then this means the cheat meal is a perfect strategy for getting over a weight loss hump.
Another key factor that the cheat meal idea fails to address is the fact that leptin is responsive to carbohydrate, much more than to protein or fat. Re-feeds are a far better option, as you still obtain the cheat meal benefits, yet keep progress under control, and are far better able to monitor your results, and adjust the protocol for optimal fat loss!

A well designed cheat meal, and the meals around it, can improve how your body responds to this deviation from your normal eating. However, leptin can be raised by a short-term increase in calories (particularly from carbs) and it’s here where the theory of a cheat meal comes in!
You can get all the leptin-boosting benefits of a cheat meal, without any of the unwanted fat gain. This is a structured, tracked cheat meal that focuses on increased carbohydrate consumption, without going overboard on calories, or putting you into a food coma. To get the most out of this meal, eat meals in the frequency and size you normally employ leading up to the cheat meal. If you do train regularly, and are in a mass gaining phase, the cheat meal can be a useful to help you work towards your desired physique. Therefore, your massive cheat meal might contain 5,000 plus calories, but the reality is, any increase in leptin will contribute to a far smaller boost in caloric burn. This overeating increases non-exercise related thermogenesis for people who regularly weight train, meaning that most of the extra calories are burned, not stored.

Secondly, you really only need a small additional caloric intake to push leptin to its maximum production levels, meaning that the vast majority of the excess calories from your cheat meal will simply be stored as excess fat! Used weekly, or once a fortnight, cheat meals can be employed as part of your mass gaining strategy, as long as this fits with your training aims.
From our vast inventory of Discount Supplements, buy Protein Powder, Meal Replacement Shakes, Weight or Mass Gainers, Thermogenic Fat Burners, Fat Metabolisers & Pre Workout Supplements, Intra Workout Supplements, Creatine, Post Workout Supplements, BCAA's, Amino Acid Supplements, Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Energy Gels & Sports Drinks. As a general rule, the leaner you are, the more frequently you can cheat, considering the above guidelines. A cheat meal is also an important psychological strategy to ensure that cravings experienced during times of strict dieting can be met but not compromise your entire food plan.

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