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Celebrity sweaters, how to lose the belly fat after pregnancy - Reviews

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They call this sweater weather with good reason — when Winter hits there's nothing we love more than a good knit.
Spotted shopping in London is Charlize Theron wearing a very stylish outfit – a green slouchy knitted sweater paired with skinny jeans, beige leather boots and a white and black hobo handbag. If you decide to copy this look, remember to layer the sweater with a printed long top or an ultra mini-dress, preferably in colors that complement the green.
Even a casual outfit for a walk in the park can be made gorgeous with only a single piece, an animal print sweater.
Wearing an animal print sweater is trendy, and like Gwen, you should tame this print by pairing it with subdued colors.

She wears her favorite cotton sweater during summer to protect her at work, against the AC?s chill, or to accent a summer outfit. She can pull off a not-so-bulky sweater and complement it with a wide belt or she can wear a turtleneck sweater dress like in this photo.
From Rachel Bilson's chic cable-knit sweater to Alexa Chung's covetable Isabel Marant, the examples are countless and, likewise, so are your options. Layering the sweater with a long top and having its hems give a peek of some prints around the hips is really very hip.
This time, she gave an otherwise normal outfit a spin, wearing a leopard print sweater, jeggings, flat high boots, shawl done in European classic fold, and sunglasses.

If you decide to style it on winter, wear a fitted tank underneath the sweater dress, thick tights and knee-high boots.

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