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Carbs in oatmeal packet, prison workout nyc - How to DIY

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For years she followed the low-fat diet recommended by the Diabetes Association: a bowl of oatmeal, wheat toast, orange juice and coffee. We all grew up with the USDA food pyramid telling us oatmeal and cereals were a healthy, fiber-filled breakfast fortified with vitamins and minerals.
If you struggle with GI issues like bloating, reflux, IBS, Crohn’s, or other inflammatory conditions, oatmeal and grain-based breakfasts are not for you, either. You have deliberately confused oatmeal with oatmeal serial product with sugar added… here is a link to nutritional data on oatmeal.

Dan, please go back and read the article carefully (or read it for starters, since it appears you didn’t read it carefully).
By the way, the initial part of your article seems to be talking about sweetened oatmeal, not sugar-free rolled oats. If none of this sounds like you (you’re not trying to lose weight, you have stable energy, no GI issues, and no sugar cravings), you may be ok eating oatmeal every once in a while. If you really miss your oatmeal, there are tons of grain-free porridge recipes out there that won’t give you a crash.

If you do choose oatmeal occasionally, I recommend adding protein powder or gelatin to it for extra added protein, or eat it with an egg or some organic sausage.

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