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Burning fat tips, almost a six pack - For You

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As summer time quickly approaches, the thoughts on most people’s minds are to burn as much as fat as possible and, in usually the shortest amount of time as possible too!
We’ve all seen those treadmill bunnies that spend an extremely long time incline walking or gently jogging not even breaking a sweat, this is not the most effective way to burn fat by any means.
This is one the most overlooked factors of weight loss, if you get too little sleep you’ll start becoming cranky and tired and the less positive you are the less likely you are to stick to a healthy lifestyle, not to mention you won’t have the energy to complete your workouts, no workouts = no fat loss in most cases.

Protein is the most satiating macronutrient per calorie compared to fats and carbs so even if you are consuming enough protein in your diet for tissue repair, it can be a very smart move to increase it even further to curb hunger or to keep you fuller for longer.
Over the years there has always been a scapegoat in the macronutrient world, it used to be that carbs were the devil and then it was fats that were burnt at the stake.
So to be healthy consume protein, carbs and fats in moderation and focus on total calories for weight loss.

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