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Burn body fat diet, cold shoulder pain - Review

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In his article, Miyaki expounded on the downside of cardio and why traditional cardio is poor for fat loss. Authority Nutrition put together a great set of facts explaining how the war against saturated fat has to be one of the largest misconceptions in the annals of human nutrition.
Over the years that humans have reduced the intake of animal fat and cholesterol, numerous diseases have increased. Over the past few decades, studies conclusively showed the culprit of heart disease is neither saturated fat nor dietary cholesterol.

Many large studies have concluded low-fat diets do not cause weight loss and have a negligible effect on long-term cardiovascular disease. When saturated fat began getting a bad rap relative to heart disease, high-fat dairy products such as butter were considered evil. The key is to elevate your resting metabolic rate (via anaerobic work) to promote better post-workout fat burning and muscle building.
Over-the-top aerobic exercise coupled with a large reduction of calories consumed leads to decreased muscle tissue (the muscle gets used as energy) and the tendency to store more body fat as a survival mechanism.

Women who ate a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet until satiated actually lost twice as much weight as compared to those who ate a restricted low-fat diet. Ironically, like with other nutrition beliefs, it turns out saturated fat is undamaging and trans fat is more dangerous.

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