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Inevitably, you may use dumbbells, bands or a weight belt (no massive barbell loaded on the fragile spine near the neck), but first we need to develop the most sound, safe and effective form for getting the most out of the squat movement. If you haven’t done any actual squats in a long while, start off practicing in and out of a chair first.
You essentially “do squats” anytime you get into and out of a chair or couch, for instance. Bodyweight Squats, also called free weight squats are very important to do weighted squats as proper form in body weight squats build strength, flexibility and balance in leg and core muscles.

Start with a three-minute warmup of bodyweight squats, pushups, and jumping jacks (do each for 30 seconds, and repeat twice).
Squats are a cornerstone of strength training and body weight resistance is a great place to start building strength. Do 400 bodyweight squats a day for a month, you can only rest on weekends (if absolutely necessary).
If you point your toes outwards, you target vastus medialis muscle of thigh and if you point your toes inwards, you target vastus lateralis muscle more.Repetition Range- Bodyweight exercises, once you can do them properly, have one rule. Wall SquatsIn this variation, excellent for beginners who find it difficult to start with hip muscles bending, you stand 2-3 feet in front of a wall, with your back facing the wall.Now lean towards the wall and squat down.

Bulgarian Split SquatsIn this variation, you start the exercise with one leg bent on to a chair, bed or a bench.

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