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Body work out videos, different ways to lose weight - For You

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Kenya’s video is another hard-core type workout in a sea of hard-core type workouts, focusing on quick results through balls to the wall, heart racing intensity and muscle group isolations. Kenya will make you sweat but there are a ton of videos out there that offer a better and more productive workout if hard-core is your desire. Kenya’s method is a tried and true traditional workout video, if you stick with it you will see results sooner rather than later. Honestly, I think the falling out between Kenya and Phaedra had to do with both parties believing the other was full of shit.  Period.

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This video shows how to do the moves in detail and offers modifications for beginners, intermediate and advanced. This fast and intense how to video is for beginners and advanced athletes and will help you lose weight and gain fitness. We've pulled a few of our favorite videos from 2011 to get your lower body in gear for the holidays.

Try Heidi Klum's supermodel sculpting moves and learn a few new exercises by watching the videos below.

Prowler push
Dumbbell press without bench

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