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Black sails cast billy, back of neck pain - Try Out

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Coming just days after Billy began questioning Captain Flint's motives — as well as Flint's connection to the mysterious Mrs. You mentioned Billy's guilt over Morley's death, but he also was complicit in Flint killing Singleton. Fascinating Fact: Was originally cast in the 2010 spy drama series Undercovers (2010) as the younger sister of female lead Gugu Mbatha-Raw, but was later replaced by Mekia Cox. William Manderly, better known as Billy Bones, was the Boatswain of the pirate ship Walrus. One day, while Billy was handing out pamphlets, he was forcefully conscripted into the Royal Navy, know as "press ganging".
Billy was tasked with showing John Silver how things worked on the Walrus after Silver joined the crew.
To attempt to befriend the crew, Silver informed Billy of the remaining remnants of the failed mutiny, the only one of actual threat being Morley. The crew took the loss of Billy hard, but Gates took it harder than the others, blaming both himself and Flint for the death of somebody he almost saw as a son. It is revealed that Billy survived his fall overboard from the Walrus, and was pulled out of the water by Captain Hume and the crew of the Scarborough. During the trip to Charles Town in the Spanish Man O’ War to return Abigail Ashe to her father the governor, Abigail shows an interest in the attractive, seemingly well-educated Billy, and Flint tells her the story of how he became part of the pirate crew.
Billy Bones is a well-respected member of Captain Flint’s crew, and key to smooth operations on the ship; it is widely assumed to be destined to be quartermaster. Billy is notorious for his honesty and loyalty, and is trusted by his crew to the point that they would die for him. Hal Gates has a very close relationship with Billy whom he considers to be "like a son" to him.
Barlow (Louise Barnes) back on shore — Billy couldn't keep quiet and mentioned the letter to Gates (Mark Ryan). Billy’s belief in the righteousness of the pirate cause becomes deeply tested as he is drawn deeper and deeper into Flints plans for the future.
Billy took the opportunity to kill his former captor, and chose to become a pirate, because he felt he couldn't go home and face his family after doing so.

Gates explained that somebody needed to make sure the captain didn't get out of hand when Richard inevitably told Flint no, and that he trusted Billy would handle it. With the attack on Vane and the fortress in progress, Silver immediately realises that Billy could make a bad situation much worse.
A truce is made between the two crews, and together they open fire on Charles Town, before sailing back to Nassau. The crew and especially Gates took Billy's presumed death very hard, many of the rough pirates even going into tears at the death of such a courageous crewmember.
Flint eventually catches wind of the letter and, just as the Walrus sets sail to avoid another battle, Flint asks Billy what was in the letter.
So, he is in a world of his own emotions, and he just wants Gates to be the sort of the father figure that Billy sees him as and help him do what's best for the crew.
I think Billy knew at that point Singleton wasn't the right man to take the crew to where they needed to get to. Hopper: [Laughs] Whatever happens to Billy now, I would think he will look at things differently. Bones had his loyalty tested severely when, following Flint's successful duel against Singleton, Flint handed Bones a blank piece of paper that he had "pulled" from Singleton's body. As they were trying to figure out whom, Billy remembered that they never checked Silver, and that he was the only person who could have stolen it.
He chains up Billy in a hut, and tries to convince him that Flint is doing the right thing. Billy tells him that when he fell into the sea, he remembers grabbing Flint's hand, but then it slipped away. Billy is so well-respected among the pirates that Vane had tried to steal him onto his own crew by undermining Flint. But while on board The Andromarche, quartermaster Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) found a letter about Captain Flint that Billy believed to be a betrayal of the crew. Before Billy can answer, cannon fire rips through the deck, and Flint informs the crew that Billy had fallen overboard.
Billy’s belief in the righteousness of the pirate cause will be continually tested as he’s drawn deeper and deeper into Captain Flint’s plans for the future.

Bones could either expose Flint to the crew as a liar by showing them the blank paper or he could pretend that it was the missing schedule. However, Billy tells the crew that he fell into the water and that Flint had actually tried to save him. This changes after Billy sees the large British camp on Harbour Island not 40 miles from Nassau, and he comes to believe that Flint is the best hope for Nassau. Read our chat with Hopper below to get his thoughts on that, what mistakes Billy made that led to his unfortunate circumstance and whether Billy is meant for the pirate's life at all.
But Billy can't live with that guilt if Flint has been doing everything for selfish reasons. I think the Billy that we've seen in this season has learned a lot, and if he were to return to this world, I think he'll offer something different from what he's learned.
I think to be a captain there has to be an element of greed, a selfish element, and Billy doesn't really have that. Eventually, Hume offered Billy a deal; he and nine other men can have a full pardons if they would capture Flint and bring him to Hume at Harbour Island. While they are away, Billy and the rest of Flint's crew escape their chains, and take over the ship again, and rescue Silver.
Flint (Toby Stephens) and the crew of The Walrus finally sailing in pursuit of the famed Spanish treasure galleon, the Urca de Lima…. He doesn't think, "Billy is going to take over my captaincy!" But he does think Billy could jeopardize his plan.
It's the audience's job to determine whether Flint is capable of doing something horrendous to Billy to get rid of him because he has found something that could be so jeopardizing to Flint's ultimate plan.

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