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Binge drinking and exercise, how to reduce belly fat fast and healthy for men - Test Out

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So, obesity and drinking are way up, tobacco use is down a pretty healthy amount, and binge drinking and exercise are slightly up. Heavy drinking is defined as having more than two drinks per man per day, but other researchers define it as more than three per day, including the study that showed conclusively that heavy drinkers live longer than teetotalers.
A 2009 study from the University of Miami suggests that avid female exercisers are more likely to also binge drink as opposed to those who are a little more lazy.

Since exercise hasn’t changed that much, the giant increase in obesity can only be blamed on our diet, which makes sense given all the cheap food. Which brings us to the other problem: if drinking heavily is a habit important enough to our health to be tracked, then it seems like abstaining from alcohol should also be.
It could be because binge drinking can be hard work sometimes, just ask Zane and Steve, or it could be due to a sense of entitlement caused by working out that allows people to reward themselves and knock a couple more back.

And, thanks to the prolonged public education campaign, we’re smoking a good bit less.

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