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Big biceps small shoulders, weight loss articles 2010 - How to DIY

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Yes, it seems to me that your perception that your chest is not in proportion to shoulders and back, is off. Although most of the time when we want to get big arms the last thing on our mind is to build bigger triceps and instead give biceps workouts 100 percent of our effort.  Think back to the last time you did an arms workout and chances are you spent more time on your biceps than the rest of your arm. Biceps muscles are secondary muscle groups involved not only in biceps curls but also in pulling exercises like pull downs, rowing and pull ups and chin ups exercises.  The demand that is placed on pulling exercises is much less than pushing movements.
As mentioned earlier, the role triceps play in pushing exercises is very important.  Because this muscle group is involved in shoulders and chest exercises and absence of bigger triceps will keep you from lifting heavier weight.

The demand that is placed on the triceps is great if you perform exercises like bench press and other variations like incline or decline pushups or bench presses.  If you add shoulder presses the stress placed is now even greater on the triceps and you will tax the muscle so much that you will not give the triceps muscles your best effort. There are other exercises but these are some of my personal favorites for getting bigger triceps .
As you can see in order to gain muscle it does not take much effort and a lot of exercises.  Because this is a smaller muscle group, compared to chest and shoulders, you simply have to do only a couple of exercises if you want to build bigger triceps. Giving the triceps an equal amount of time as the biceps is the easiest approach to follow.

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