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Best diet plan app, ways to get abs fast at home - Review

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Earlier in the week we asked you which meal planning apps you thought were the best to help you save money, eat better, and keep making awesome food.
Those of you who nominated and praised Cook Smarts explained that for the money you spend, it makes meal planning about as hands-off as you can get, and the results are worth it. Pepperplate is a mobile app and meal planning tool that excels at organizing your recipe collection, planning your meals based on those recipes, building out shopping lists, and helping you cook the recipes you want to try. The nomination thread for Pepperplate was full of praise for the fact that the app is free, cross-platform, and easy to use. Ziplist started off as a simple grocery shopping list organizer, but it's evolved over the years to be a richly featured shopping tool, recipe organizer, and meal planner.
Those of you who nominated ZipList praised its department-sorted shopping lists, built-in store circulars and coupons, and the fact that unlike many apps that generate grocery lists based on recipes, it gives you the option to cross items off that you already have before it adds the item to the list. Plan to Eat is a menu planning and grocery list organizer that is as elegant as it is simple to use. Those of you who nominated Plan to Eat highlighted its drag-and-drop menu planner, its exceptional customer service for those people who may need it, and its ease of use. Paprika's nominations thread was full of stories about its ease of use, especially compared to other apps, and its tablet-friendliness, especially on the iPad, Kindle, and Nook. For those who may be intimidated by cooking, Cooking PlanIt ($0.99, iPhone) provides recipes based on your preferences, as well as a list of the cooking tools you’ll need.
If you’re looking for someone else to do your planning for you, Cozi Dinner Decider (Free, iPhone) will give you five recipes and two alternates each week based on criteria you select. Similar to the Cozi Dinner Decider, My Family Meal Planner Light ($4.99, iPhone) provides you with four dinners a week for an entire year.

Though it’s lacking a pre-made calendar interface, Food on the Table's Meal Planning and Grocery List (Free, iPhone) app enables you to create meals and import recipes from top recipe sites. In addition to helping you plan out your weekly meals, the service aims to help its users learn to cook, explore new recipes, get familiar with and comfortable in the kitchen, and eat more healthy, homemade food. The focus of the app is clearly on grocery lists and organizing your weekly shopping, but don't count out its meal planning features. It's probably one of the easiest menu planning tools in the lineup, and even though it's not free, many of you noted that you're busy people with busy lives, and it helps to have Plan to Eat take care of the grocery list and recipe search for you. There's no web interface, so you'll have to use the apps, but it is great at keeping your recipes neatly organized and collected.
You can plan all of your meals for the week from the recipes included in the app, or download recipes from popular recipe sites. All of the recipes are under 500 calories, were developed with the help of a registered dietician, and meet the American Heart Association standards for a healthy meal. Based on your current location, this app gives you detailed nutritional information for healthy dishes at restaurants near you.
But what makes this app different from the rest is that it can pull data from popular grocery stores to let you know what’s on sale. The site's blog and newsletter are free, but to make use of their meal planning tools, you'll have to sign up for an account. That's not a problem as long as the app is good, but it is something to remember if you want support or you're looking for new features. We've mentioned it before, and while it's web-only (there are mobile apps on the way, according to the folks behind it) it's still easy to use, powerful, and it gets the job done.

The app can automatically scale ingredients based on how many servings you’ll be cooking, and adding items you have on hand helps it sort out what you still need to buy. You can add multiple recipes to a meal, and the app organizes the steps so everything finishes at the same time. Then you can sync your meal plan with your calendar outside of the app so you get notifications on what to make, and can share your weekly menu with others. Once you have a meal plan all set, just tell Plan to Eat to build your meal plan, and they'll send it to you when its done, no hassle.
Paprika's focus is on recipe management, but it also includes smart grocery lists and a menu planner that lets you add recipes to your plan, rate them once you've prepared them, and generate a grocery list for the week based on the things you want to make.
From there, Pepperplate will generate a shopping list based on your meal plan that you can take with you and cross off at the grocery store.
Plan to Eat also plays nice with special diets, which is great if you have to cook for people with different tastes, or you're trying something new with your own diet. Whether you’re an accomplished cook or a restaurant regular, these eight iOS apps can help you make a plan and stick with it through the cravings. The OS X app is $20, and each of the mobile apps (including separate apps for iPhone and iPad; it's not universal) are $5.

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