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Ball to sit on, get six pack abs - Review

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The act of just sitting on an exercise ball is active and requires the core body muscles to work to hold the body upright and balanced on the ball.
Exercise Balls, Exercise Bands, Pilates, Therapy & Home Fitness Equipment for your health & fitness needs! Balls'N'Bands is your one stop shopping place for all you need to get fit using exercise balls and exercise bands. Exercise balls are a useful workout tool for core strengthening and to assist with balance exercises, such as pelvic thrusts. Just sitting on the ball is one of the foundations for learning how to use an exercise ball for beginners. If you have towels bracing the ball, scoot your behind forward until your lower back rests on the ball, then walk your feet forward until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
You may think it's all fun and games sitting on a stability ball while you work, but you should implement these important guidelines to help protect yourself from accidental injury.

Bounce around: The fun of the stability ball is having the freedom to bounce around, move, and stretch the muscles in your back.
While sitting on the exercise ball (as described above) and keeping the knees still, move the hips gently from side to side. Whatever the use, sitting on an exercise ball at some point of the day is helpful to strengthen the core muscles that support the spine and improving posture.
The ball can be difficult for beginners because it creates an unstable surface and forces you to use your muscles differently to maintain your balance.
Do not sit up all the way; You just want to flex the space between the top of your hips and your rib cage. While the stability ball has its advantages, you should avoid using one if you have an acute back injury, especially if your quadratus lumborum, the major back muscle that runs from your 12th rib to the top of your pelvis, is compromised.
Inflate the ball enough so that when you sit down, your legs create a 90 degree angle, at both the hip and knee, and your entire forearm can rest easily on your desk when typing.

It is more suitable for a child who has good understanding of their needs and is able to limit the movement that they produce when sitting on a ball.
It can double up as therapy ball for core stability work and is a good one to consider if you need a gym ball as well, as it could do both jobs for you and take up less space! You can also ask a friend to hold the exercise ball for you until you get the hang of the exercise.

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