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Attractive man bun, good morning workout breakfast - PDF Review

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It’s time to consider the two trends that are apparent on the streets today: man buns for men, and kimonos for women. Man buns are also extremely easy to pull together, maybe even easier than using gel when trying to tame the early-morning mess. So, if you’re running late to class and need to make your hair look a little more class-appropriate and a little less “I just woke up,”  just pull together a low bun and you’re ready for class (and maybe even ready to attract the ladies).

They might not accurately depict traditional Japanese kimonos, but the intricate designs that many stores are selling nowadays are usually very colorful and appealing to the eye.
Whether the guy has super long hair or just a small stub of a bun, this style is a weakness for many girls. Articles about how the man bun attracts more and more women are not difficult to find, and as celebrities like Bradley Cooper make the bun look classy yet casually attractive, more and more men have been styling their hair this way.

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