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Put simply, in the Performance U training approach, we like to perform eccentric chin ups (of pull ups) for 3-4 sets of 3-5 reps at 8 seconds per rep. That said, my goal with this post is to share with you my two training tips for pull up deficient (i.e. Put simply, pull up and chin up performance is determined by your relative strength, which is how strong you are in relation to your own body weight. Put simply, if I have access to a gravitron machine, I’ll pick that every time over using superbands for someone who needs assistance on chin ups and pulls while they’re working on dropping extra bodyfat. I go with lat pull down machine over super bands for improving chin up and pull up strength for the same reason I like graviton, which is because it offers consistent resistance throughout the range of motion.
Don’t get me wrong, I feel that super bands are absolutely an effective way to add assistance to those who’re looking to work up to performing chin ups and pull ups without additional assistance. And, we’ve used them as an assistance tool on many training occasions in the past, and will continue to use them in the future when the training situation calls for it. Plus, super bands are the most cost effective, space friendly and travel-friendly means of adding assistance to chin ups and pull ups. In short, the abdominals are in no being way neglected throughout the build up to an (unassisted) pull up training process, as they get both general and specific exercise applications. In this post, I shared with you the techniques used in the Performance U training approach to helping the pull up deficient become capable of performing unassisted pull ups, along with the science and rational behind it. I was so nervous when pull up time came but I was introduced to these fancy bands that you attach to a pull up bar and assist you in pulling your weight up.
We had to do one pull up in the first minute, two in the second, three in the third, and keep going until we couldn’t do anymore. I have only tried them once at Crossfit and had to use two bands, and even then I could only do 5.

Pullups were also the hardest thing for me when I started crossfit a year ago because my arms were so weak. I love doing pullups and chin ups– ever since I bought one for the doorframe, I’ve really gotten into the habit of trying them more often! This is an excellent exercise to train the muscles we use for a pull up in the natural motion of the movement, we are practising the movement with the assistance of a power band. This exercise is all about strengthening the biceps, deltoids, and back muscles for the pull. This is where we grip the bar with our palms facing us, this allows us to target the biceps as a major muscle group to complete the exercise creating variation to the movement and increase strength in different areas of the body required to do pull ups. And, if you weren’t aware that, if you’re unable to perform pull ups on your own, you can use eccentrics to improve your pull up strength, you are now. And, when you lose the extra fat (remove the weighted backpack), your relative strength automatically increases, which means your chin up and pull up performance potential automatically increases. The rationale for this is because bands, by their nature, help you less and less the closer you get to the bar (as you pull yourself up), whereas the gravitron machine provides consistent assistance throughout the entire range of motion. In addition, both the gravitron and lat pull down machine allow for smaller adjustments in the weight load involved, whereas with super bands you have a more limited number or different thicknesses to work with, each having drastically different resistance profiles that are very difficult to quantify. But these results do not demonstrate that strength gains made in the lat pull down fail to carryover to strength improvements in the pull up. With this in mind, when it comes to strengthening  muscles to help you develop the ability to complete your first (unassisted) pull up, our main focus is on the upper-body pulling musculature (lats, biceps, etc.) because those muscles are the primary muscles involved in performing pull ups and chin ups. Relationship of 1 repetition maximum lat-pull to pull-up and lat-pull repetitions in elite collegiate women swimmers.

But with using bands and learning how to do kipping pull ups I got really good at them and I can now do 3 in a row without a band!
It took me a year to gain solid upper body stregnth and left me with 7 good formed pull ups (not chin ups) It might seem like a long time but once you get one, you get two, three, and so on! This is a highly effective exercise how ever using the same band because we are comfortable with it will never help us achieve an unassisted pull up. It’s for this non-negotiable reality that my single best piece of advice (that I rarely, if ever hear from other trainers and coaches) to those wishing to improve their chin up and pull up performance is to get leaner by lose that extra bodyfat. However, when using band assistance, you get the most help at the bottom, when the band is most stretched, and, as you pull yourself up, the stretch in the band is progressively reduced, so the band helps you less and less as you pull yourself up. We wont to focus on the biceps, Rhomboids and Latissimus Dorsi (back muscles) as we pull our chest to the rings finishing with chest touching the rings and always lower yourself with control.
Also, in this post I’m going to share with you my 3-tier hierarchy of chin up assistance methods and share with you why band assisted pulls ups are at the bottom of list.
Plus, like many people, you may not even be able to complete a single full pull up rep without assistance. Not to mention, if the band offers you sufficient assistance at the top of the range of motion, it is helping you far too much in the bottom and mid-range of the chin up or pull up.

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