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Arnold schwarzenegger hace cardio, the best creatine tablets - For Begninners

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And if you want 52 more, fully detailed fast, fat blasting finishers that all take ten minutes or less check out Renegade Cardio. From left: Joe Weider, Frank Zane, and Arnold get cardio and some California sun at the same time.
If you grew up in Austria in the 1960s as I did, or trained at Gold’s Venice in the 1970s as I also did, there was no such word as cardio. When you wanted to lose fat, you cut back on the amount of food you were eating, particularly carbohydrates.

Looking back, I wish I had done more dedicated cardiovascular training, not just for its benefcial effect on the waistline but for the heart itself. This type of training is far more effective and doesn’t have the potential to cause muscle loss and overuse injuries like traditional cardio does.

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