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Arm and shoulder pain, how to get rid of a fat stomach with exercise - Review

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Physical Fitness Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for physical fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, and those providing health-related needs. I have visited a PT, he had given me exercises to do with a thera band to strengthen my shoulders. Nothing concrete for you here but I have found that having a packed neck when doing overheads helps reduce any shoulder pain ( I subluxated my shoulder years ago ). Think of it when you're sitting at the PC your arms are facing forward, when you're driving, cooking, reading, etc all the same stance stretching out the already weak back and rear delt.
I think you should try warming up shoulders before every upper body workout, as this is what an instructor recommended to me. I had exactly this pain, unfortunately I can't recap the explaination I got from my physical therapist, but essentially it was an inbalance issue. Try this, keep your arms straight, hands facing eachother, about 20 cm appart, as low as possible, i.e. If so, do the same thing, but hold a rope or something stretchy between your hands, palms still facing eachother and keep the rope stretched out, then do the same movement. And the same rope-movement, 2 sets of 15, each day, with enough "pull" to make you tired in 15 reps, ideally you have something stretchy because it'll activate your muscles more.
Shoulder PainThe shoulder has a great range of motion; it can turn in many directions, and is therefore also easy to dislocate.

Dislocations and instabilityA dislocation can be partial or complete, depending on whether the arm bone is partly or completely out of the shoulder socket. Tears to the rotator cuff tendons may also result in pain radiating down the side of the arm.
Shoulder problems more often than not are caused by an over-developed chest in relation to back. If this is pain-free and the former wasn't you have an issue with keeping your shoulders down in certain movements. A tendon inflammation is called tendinitis or tendonitis, and its symptoms may be similar to another kind of inflammation called bursitis.
I would evaluate your form on the lifts that you are doing, especially WRT your shoulder position. I know this may seem obvious but try not to injure your shoulders, warm up, start with a light weight and don't go heavier than your comfortable with. The rotator cuff attaches the upper arm to the shoulder blade and helps you lift and rotate your arm. Bursitis affects the Bursae, small sacs filled with fluid that reduce the friction between our tissues and bones. A forceful twist, blow, or fall usually causes a forward dislocation, the most common form of a shoulder dislocation.

Stretching exercises 6 times a day to get the ball joint free and start being more flexible.
A lubricating sac sits between the rotator cuff and the bone, protecting the tendons and allowing free movement. A shoulder separation causes pain over the top of the affected shoulder, and is sometimes accompanied by a bump. This will work but need to keep up with exercises and always keep active which will benefit good health all round. Fractures Shoulder fractures are usually the result of a fall or a direct blow to the shoulder. Among the most common shoulder fractures are clavicle, scapula, and humerus fractures, which cause severe pain and bruising.

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