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Anderson silva ko ufc 162, bodybuilding motivation - Review

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Big Lead SportsAnderson Silva has long been considered the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world. Silva had talked to Weidman, and tried to disrupt his focus and rhythm with unusual tricks. Silva, the ex-champion, attempting an eleventh title defence, admitted at the post-fight news conference that his plan to break Weidman "had failed". Northern Ireland lightweight Norman Parke came out the victor 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 against Kazuki Tadukome, to go to 2-0 in UFC.
A minute into the second round, Silva ate one left hook, jiggled his legs in feigned distress, then ate another. Weidman caught Silva on the jaw with a devastating left hook, dropping the legend instantly, then finished the job with a brutally efficient series on the ground. So yeah, UFC middleweight division, Vitor Belfort knows how to throw murderous spinning wheel kicks now. But last night his cockiness came back to bite him when Chris Weidman knocked him out at UFC 162. Gripping, though bizarre, from first to last, until the moment Silva lay out on the canvas, the entire arena silenced. Silva tried to get into the challenger's head, dangling his chin out there, calling Weidman over to the Octagon wall, and falling into one of those moods we have witnessed before, towards the end of round one.

By the beginning of July, eight UFC belts had been contested, and eight UFC belts had been successfully defended -- the third longest such streak to kick off a calendar year in UFC history, and longest since Couture dethroned Randleman deep into November 2000. Anderson Silva, nine months removed from his cagewall wizardry against Stephan Bonnar, stretched his theatrics to a new level that balmy July night. Silva wasn't just a 4-to-1 underdog, he was "one big, huge walking target," a man who Overeem promised to make "a number on my list, a statistic" on the road to his eventual UFC title. For whatever shortcomings Overeem may have shown in 2013, it's easy to forget, the mammoth Dutchman was this close to being 2-0 and likely a runaway favorite in the UFC heavyweight title picture. Silva spent most of the first round cleverly defending takedowns and escaping submission attempts as the younger fighter proved himself the aggressor.
Silva looked better in the second round, and was beginning to school the challenger in that second period when, as he had previously in the fight with Maia, dropped his hands and offered his chin, then feigned that he had been wobbled with a left. One by one, Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, Rashad Evans, a few superfights, and the UFC middleweight division generally self-imploded, until somehow the consensus settled on the last man standing -- an unbeaten American, one saddled by a year-long injury layoff and still reeling from the unexpected devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Despite the scoffs and stifled chuckles, he vowed, unequivocally, to defeat the undefeatable Anderson Silva. Silva cut puzzling, often bizarre interviews, giving off the air of a 38-year-old man who, if he wasn't tired of the game, was certainly bored by it -- even handing his strap to the American for a pre-fight photo opportunity. And for two rounds, Overeem made good on his words, controlling much of the action and stifling Silva within the clinch.

One in particular, though, stands above the rest -- and for that we travel back to the main event of UFC on FX 8, where fresh off dismantling one No.
But if hubris led him to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against Silva, his follow-up act at UFC Fight Night 26 was due, in part, to simple exhaustion. But 11 months ago, when Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva unleashed a blinding rage upon Alistair Overeem, vengeance for months of slights and smirks manifested in old-school Fatality form, if you were looking for the year's biggest ‘holy s--t!' moment, you found it.
His timing thrown off, his hands by his hips and his spine bent backwards in disdain, Silva rolled to his opposite side -- only to be met by a shot that will be replayed into infinity.
He was such a nice guy, he even extended Silva the kindness of a preemptive immediate rematch (in Madison Square Garden, of course).
The overriding feeling amongst media and spectators was that Silva beat himself, gifting the UFC middleweight title to challenger Chris Weidman in a crazy denouement to UFC 162, the young American taking to his new status by proving his mental toughness.

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