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Aminox vs xtend, six pack abs tips - Reviews

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The table below gives a snapshot overview of how Xtend and Amino X differ with regard to their ingredient profile.
Amino X also includes a 2g Efforsorb EnDura Composite proprietary blend, which consists of citric acid, malic acid, sodium bicarbonate and cholecalciferol (vit D). In terms of ingredient dosing, there are some critical differences between Xtend and Amino X that are important to be aware of.
The respective effectiveness of Xtend and Amino X naturally relates closely to the chosen ingredients and their dosing. Both Amino X and Xtend come in a decent range of flavours, but Xtend has the more extensive offering with a total of 8 flavours compared to 4 for Amino X. Amino X and Xtend are priced very similarly making it hard to separate them purely on a price basis. To sum up, Amino X and Xtend are both quality supplements in their own right and likely to provide significant benefits for performance and recovery to the average athlete.

As far as amino acids go, the major difference in amino acids between the two supplements is that Xtend provides glutamine, while Amino X provides alanine and taurine. The smaller version of both supplements provide 30 servings each, while the larger Amino X (1kg) provides 70 serves and Xtend (1.125kg) provides 90 serves. The most exciting and unique aspect about Amino X is its vitamin D content, while the major advantage for Xtend is its transparent and well dosed amino acids. On a micronutrient level, Amino X comes with vitamin D, while Xtend includes vitamin B6 and the electrolytes potassium chloride and sodium chloride.
Alanine is classified as a gluconeogenic amino acid, meaning that it can serve as a precursor to glucose in the body, even though it is not a carbohydrate itself. However, the key reason alanine is included in the formula is mostly likely due to that some studies have shown it may help reduce the breakdown of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).
Xtend is a lot better when it comes to transparency of dosing as the levels of each amino acid are disclosed.

So it would appear that BSN added alanine to the formula to complement the action of the BCAAs in the Amino X. To their credit, BSN obviously make it a priority to keep abreast with the latest research and have stepped out on a limb by throwing vitamin D into Amino X.
When comparing dosing of both supplements, it really comes down to what amino acids each supplement contains and their respective levels.
Because Xtend is the only one that discloses doses, its hard to go past it as the better dosed of the two.

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