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Adhesive capsulitis, good pump up songs for football - PDF Review

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Overview © Reed GroupAdhesive capsulitis is a condition of the shoulder characterized by stiffness, loss of motion (contracture), and pain, typically with a gradual onset, worsening over time, and with ultimate resolution. The symptoms of adhesive capsulitis (and frozen shoulder) are primarily shoulder pain and stiffness, resulting in a very reduced range of shoulder motion.
Often called frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis is clinically divided into two classes, primary and secondary.

Individuals with primary adhesive capsulitis, which is characterized by a significant limitation of both active and passive motions of the shoulder, can recall no possible cause of the condition (idiopathic adhesive capsulitis, or adhesive capsulitis without a known cause). If surgery is required for adhesive capsulitis or a comorbid condition, additional therapy of perhaps 6 to 12 weeks in duration will be necessary, further delaying return to work and other functions.

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