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Abs wheel speed sensor wire harness, bodybuilding shopping list australia - Test Out

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In participating stores, you'll need to provide your Speed Perks mobile number {0} to redeem your reward. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) wheel speed sensor monitors the rotational speed of the wheel and transmits this data to the ABS control module. ABS wheel speed sensors can be easily damaged during other repairs that call for the wheels to be removed (especially brake work).
I would suspect the rear sensors for sure particularly since the rear bearings were recently done.

If you have a multimeter, you can check the Ohm(resistance) of each of the sensors to determine whether they're faulty or not. You can check the resistance by disconnecting the quick disconnect clip of the ABS sensor circuit to the cars wiring harness, and attaching the prongs of the mulitmeter to the two pins inside the ABS sensor harness, not the cars wiring harness. BWD ABS sensor line has over 1,500 numbers with complete coverage for domestic and import applications. Any problem with the ABS system needs to be diagnosed before wheel speed sensors are replaced, as a new sensor may not solve the problem.

The reference point of the "electrical control unit" will be a wiring harness quick release. I've replaced two sensors and have just turned the wheels away from whichever side I had to work on.

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